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U.S. trades anti-American POW (‘Abdullah’) in exchange for Taliban Guantanamo detainees

The Muslim Issue

Wonder if he continues to be a delusional liberal anti-American after his five years with the Taliban. Terror sugar-daddy, the government of Qatar, was influential in Bergdahl’s release. Surprise, surprise. If Qatar was involved in Bergdahl’s release, rest assure they could have had him released without any exchange. This demonstrates where their alliances truly are.

We may assume Bergdahl was taken hostage by the Taliban while on duty. But closer to truth is that he deserted his unit because of his anti-American beliefs which were verified by the Army from his emails to his parents. It was his parents, probably his father who later seemed to been full of guilt and learned Arabic and donned the Taliban look to go and search for his son, that encouraged the coward to desert. Bergdahl put a lot of brave American and allied soldiers lives at risk searching for him.

Afghan ‘intelligence’ officials…

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