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Supreme Court of India makes Shariah courts illegal

Destroy Islam, SAVE HUMANITY

NEW DELHI – The Supreme Court of India has ruled that Shariah courts and Fatwas (rules made by Islamic scholars) are in violation of the Indian Constitution, and have no value under Indian law.

Judge C.K. Prasad said Shariah court rulings will no longer be values by Indian secular law, but if individuals choose to follow it, it is up to them.

The case date backs to 2005, when a woman who was raped by her father-in-law was sentenced to live with him as his wife. The family objected to the ruling and took their case to the Supreme Court.

India is a Hindu majority country, 80%, Islam is the second largest religion at 15%. This move is seen as de-Islamisation by many Hindutva Nationalist groups, many Muslim groups have been vocally against this, and blame the new PM Narendra Modi for making Muslims feel insignificant in India.


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