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Rig Veda Speed Of Light Precise Than Modern Science

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I have my son’s friend, who is also my friend, is in Australia(most of my son’s friends are my friends too< despite two decades difference in Ages).

On Reading one of my posts on the predictions of Hinduism especially n regard to Technology, he remarked,

“We have a habit of saying, after a New Thought in Modern Science has been brought forth, we say that it is already there in Hinduism and never say

that before the discovery of new theories and if we are serious about our heritage, we should say what all have been said in our texts much before the

present day findings.

I replied that  agree and the reason people do nt know about our findings s that we do no read our texts and some of our thoughts look outrageous ,

especially on Astrophysics, Time, we tend to call them as Fantasies!

Speed of Lght In RigVeda Rig Veda on…

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