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Veda Sutras Vedangas Details

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This post is in continuation of the Post Veda essential Details.

Each Veda has Srautha Sutras.

Veda Sutra Layayana Sutra Sama Veda

Srautha Sutras explain the Rules for Conducting the Yagas and Yangnas.

Yagas are condcuted with a specific purpose while Yagna is performed because it is a Duty.

Puthra KameshtiYaga for example is a Yaga while Brahma Yagnam isa Yagna; the former is performed for begetting  Children, the later is performed because it is a Duty.

Rig Veda has Sanakayana, Aswalaayana Sutras.

Shukla Yajur Veda has Kathyaayana Sutra,

Aapasthamba,Bodhayana,Hiranya Keseeya,Bharatwaja, Manava,Vaikanasa belong to Krishna Yajur.

Sama Veda has Dhraahyaayana,Laatyaayana,Machaka Sutras.

Kathyayana and Vaidhaana belong to Atharva Veda.

(Kathyaayana seems to be common for Atharva and Shukla Yajur- will some one clarify?)

These are Gruhya Sutras,

Vedas also have Dharma/Gruhya Sutras which advise the House holder on Righteousness or Dharma for Gruhastha.

Gautama, Vasishta,Hiranyakeseeya and Vaikaanasa are some of these…

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