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UAE president Sheikh Khalifa sends $25 million in terrorist support (“aid”) to Gaza Strip

The Muslim Issue

The funding towards terrorism is always kept alive by the leaders of the Middle East. And they always pretend it’s for “aid”. They love to support terrorism against people in the rest of the world (Thailand, India, Myanmar, Europe, US, Israel) but get very upset with instant retribution if their jihad money backfires onto their own backyard.

And while they pretend to care for “Palestinians” not a single Arab country want to offer “refuge” to them so they can return where they originated from before they began a sudden mass immigration into Israel in (approx) 1935 to commit the first intifada. Why? Because they know that the “Palestinians” are one of the oldest continuously active terrorist organizations existing and a creation of Hitler’s close partner in war, the cruel and vicious Grand Mufti Haj Amin Al-Husseini.

Through the Palestinian excuse to wage jihad by terrorizing the Jewish people, al-Qaeda, Rohingya…

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