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Muslim storms mosque during Friday prayer and shoots one man dead in Switzerland

The Muslim Issue

Man shot dead in prayer room of busy Swiss mosque during Friday Prayers

  • Police arrest man carrying handgun in suburb of St Gallen, Switzerland
  • Around 300 people were inside the El-Hidaje mosque for Friday prayers
  • Attack is believed to be part of a family feud rather than a hate crime

By Allan Hall and Chris Pleasance for MailOnline


A man has been shot dead at a Mosque in Switzerland packed with worshippers for Friday prayers.

Police say they have arrested man after they were called to a suburb of St Gallen in Switzerland to reports of gunfire.

Officers say that the suspect was found carrying a handgun, while the victim was discovered in the  prayer room of of the El-Hidaje mosque.

A man has been shot dead during Friday prayers at a crowded mosque in St Gallen, Switzerland
 Officers say there were around 300 people inside the mosque for Friday prayers at the time of the shooting

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