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India is experiencing rampant increase in ‘LoveJihad’ (grooming) conversion strategy of young girls to Islam

The Muslim Issue

LoveJihad is rampant in India with one state alone (Kerala) having at least 4,000 cases of young girls being secretly groomed into conversion and sexual jihad to expand the Islamic state. The process is also well-known in Egypt, where teenage Coptic girls disappear frequently. If the families of the girls — who often have a good idea of the identity of the abductors — attempt to find their daughters or sisters, they are generally met with official indifference and threatened into silence by their Muslim neighbors.

India appears to be faced with the same problem we see in the West with liberal, ignorant cry-babies standing in the way from dealing with this serious problem threatening their country. “Liberal” means ignorant and unaware of any reality. The Trojan Pig is now inside the gates, right in the center of the square, with a belly full of enemies ready to invade and…

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This entry was posted on August 31, 2014 by in HINDUISM SCIENCE.

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