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The forgotten history behind China’s Hindu temples – Ananth Krishnan


Hindu Goddess in Quanzhou, China

Ananth Krishnan“In and around Quanzhou, a bustling Chinese industrial city, there are shrines that historians believe may have been part of a network of more than a dozen Hindu temples and shrines.” – Ananth Krishnan

For the residents of Chedian, a few thousand-year-old village of muddy by-lanes and old stone courtyard houses, she is just another form of Guanyin, the female Bodhisattva who is venerated in many parts of China.

Quanzhou,  Fujian, ChinaBut the goddess that the residents of this village pray to every morning, as they light incense sticks and chant prayers, is quite unlike any deity one might find elsewhere in China. Sitting cross-legged, the four-armed goddess smiles benignly, flanked by two attendants, with an apparently vanquished demon lying at her feet.

Local scholars are still unsure about her identity, but what they do know is that this shrine’s unique roots lie not in China, but in far away south India…

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One comment on “The forgotten history behind China’s Hindu temples – Ananth Krishnan

  1. Jessamine
    September 11, 2014

    Hi Ananth, thank you for this article, very interesting. I was born in this province with multi-ethnic heritage, and am aware of the multi-ethnic and multi-cultural influences on the custom and traditions. For example, my grandmother’s family never eat beef, it was just a traditional belief that it’s not right to consume beef, and only consume very little meat. Although it is not strictly for religious reasons, it’s very possible that I also have indian genes in me. 🙂


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