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Samsung claims a WiGig breakthrough that promises multi-gigabit wireless speeds


Samsung has developed a 60 GHz Wi-Fi technology, the company announced on Sunday. The technology, also known as WiGig, should be truly gigabit and will be able to transfer up to 575 megabytes in a single second, which works out to 4.6Gbps. These transfer speeds promise to be many times faster than current Wi-Fi networks, which work on the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.

Using the new 60 GHz technology, a “1GB movie will take less than three seconds to transfer between devices,” Samsung claims. Imagine getting USB-quality transfer speeds but without any cables needed.

While other WiGig companies like [company]Inte[/company], Wilocity (now owned by [company]Qualcomm[/company]) and Nitero have been developing super-fast radios that work 60GHz channel, Samsung claims they’ve actually produced these enhanced speeds by fixing interference issues caused by other devices on the channel.

The millimeter wave band that [company]Samsung[/company] is using has several advantages and one big disadvantage. What it has going…

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