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In Our Backyard: Sex Trafficking and Exploitation

Many countries including developing and developed countries are more or less close when it comes to use women just for property, lust and less often than not it is a women that let her body misused for easy money, which can be seen in streets of Las Vegas, New Orleans, New York in USA. Women are divided when it comes to vote even on their personal matters like abortion right and contraception just because of so called stupid catholism that is similar to Islamic Sheria law where men wrote piece of papers , put an actor, called them prophet and put a so called godstamp, to terrify and loot what they could from women in name of dubious religion which is a bullshit. Women needs to wake up and create their own religion for truth, karma, dharma and just kick men to be bigger. Will that happen, I do not think so because women are as stupid as they could be in past. Get rid of all attachments , you are better piece of God than barbaric men.

SIUE Women's Studies Program

Today’s post comes from Criminal Justice professor Erin Heil. She began studying domestic human trafficking in 2008 and has since published numerous articles on the subject, as well as the book, Sex Slaves and Serfs: The Dynamics of Human Trafficking in a Small Florida Town.  She shares this post with us in anticipation of the upcoming panel, “Sex Trafficking and Exploitation,” co-sponsored by the SIUE Women’s Studies and Peace Studies Programs on Oct. 21 at 12:30 in the Morris University Center.  At this event Prof. Heil will be joined by Congressman John Shimkus, FBI Intelligence Analyst Derek Velazco, Rescue and Restore Coordinator Kristen Eng, and Covering House representatives Deidre Lhamon and Lindsay Ellis.  The event is free and open to the community.

“I was taken from my doorstep…I was sold for sex with men in exchange for money and drugs. I was forced to work out of motels, brothels, prostitution houses…

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