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Pakistan: Muslim teens slit the throat of their own mother and step-sisters in ‘honor’ killing

The Muslim Issue

Indian teens slit their mother and step-sisters’ throats in ‘honour killing’ after accusing them of adultery and ‘immoral behaviour’

  • Brothers killed teenage stepsisters and mother in Lahore, Pakistan
  • Teens believed their stepsisters were involved in prostitution
  • Slit their throats ‘in the name of honour’ and confessed crime to police 


Two Pakistani teenagers have confessed to murdering their mother and stepsisters ‘in the name of honour’, local police have said.

The two brothers attacked their mother Sughra, in her early 50s, and stepsisters Amna and Muqqadas, in their late teens, early Tuesday morning.

According to police, the brothers accused their mother and sisters of adultery and prostitution.

Honour killing: Two teenage boys from Lahore attacked and killed their mother and two teenage stepsisters 'in the name of honour (file photo)

The honours killings were carried out in the family home in…

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