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Cyprus: Mysterious Head Found on Beach


Paphos| A couple of german tourists on vacation to Cyprus made an astonishing discovery while walking along the beach on the island’s west coast. What they at first believed  to be a strangely shaped rocked turned out to be the head of an unidentified predatory creature.

“It’s both amazing and disgusting all at once” explains Grëtta Stüttemeyer, one of the two discoverers. “It looks like a dragon  or something, but smells like hell… It was just laying there, decomposing on the beach. There was no sign of the rest of the body, so we have no idea what the creature actually looked like, but it must have been scary!.”

Dozens of zoologists and biologists have already hurried to the island to study this incredible discovery and many fantastic theories have already been elaborated to explain the skull, going from a giant horned dog to a carnivorous rhino and obviously including the flying dragon, but more analysis is necessary before the identity of the creature can be confirmed.

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