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True Hindu Greatness – Koenraad Elst

Surging Hinduism.

Bharata Bharati


Koenraad Elst“Against the narrow-minded exclusivism of Christianity and Islam, the Hindu tradition offers the solution. Inside and outside the Vedas, almost everywhere in India, we find a religiosity that makes no truth claims about God. The devotional rituals practised in all temples simply express awe for the sacred, the most fundamental and universal layer of all religions.” – Dr Koenraad Elst

Hindus make bold to be the inheritors of a great and exceptional civilization. And they are.

Indeed, a wider recognition of this ancestral greatness would solve a number of contemporary problems Hinduism faces. Separatism, the phenomenon that Hindu sects declare that they are non-Hindu and back-project that they never have been Hindus, is largely due to the bad reputation of Hinduism. Nobody wants to stay on a sinking ship (especially not the rats, the true nature of most defectors). Hinduism is slandered as “caste, wholly caste and nothing but caste”…

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