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Earth’s Toroidal Field has been Discovered


If you have studied energy or sacred geometry you may be familiar with the toroidal energy field that is around all living things. Recently researchers at the University of Colorado at Boulder discovered a powerful force field type energy surrounding our earth.

“An invisible shield has been discovered some 7,200 miles above Earth that blocks so-called ‘killer electrons,’ which whip around the planet at near-light speed and have been known to threaten astronauts, fry satellites and degrade space systems during intense solar storms.” -University of Colorado at Boulder

This energy field was discovered in the Van Allen Radiation belts, which are two large toroidal shaped rings above the earth that are filled with high-energy electrons and protons. According to Professor Daniel Baker, director of CU-Boulder’s Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP), the Van Allen radiation belt is held in pace by earth’s magnetic field and will periodically swell and shrink depending on the level of energy being emitted from the sun.

“As the first significant discovery of the space age, the Van Allen radiation belts were detected in 1958 by Professor James Van Allen and his team at the University of Iowa and were found to be comprised of an inner and outer belt extending up to 25,000 miles above Earth’s surface. In 2013, Baker — who received his doctorate under Van Allen — led a team that used the twin Van Allen Probes launched by NASA in 2012 to discover a third, transient “storage ring” between the inner and outer Van Allen radiation belts that seems to come and go with the intensity of space weather.” -University of Colorado at Boulder

What he discovered was an extremely sharp boundary at the inner edge of the outer belt that appears to be blocking the electrons and actually shielding the earth from these intense energies.

“It’s almost like theses electrons are running into a glass wall in space,” said Baker, “Somewhat like the shields created by force fields on Star Trek that were used to repel alien weapons, we are seeing an invisible shield blocking these electrons. It’s an extremely puzzling phenomenon.”

Originally scientists thought that the highly charged electrons, which were traveling towards earth at around 100,000 miles per second would break up when they encountered the air molecules in the upper atmosphere. But now we can clearly see that they are being stopped by this energetic force field before they even get close!

The researchers then began searching for what would cause this force field to be formed. They knew that the two belts were linked to the magnetics of the earth but this shield was different.

“Nature abhors strong gradients and generally finds ways to smooth them out, so we would expect some of the relativistic electrons to move inward and some outward,” said Baker. “It’s not obvious how the slow, gradual processes that should be involved in motion of these particles can conspire to create such a sharp, persistent boundary at this location in space.”

Another theory is that there is a cloud of cold, electrically charged gas called the plasmasphere creating the toroidal field. The Gas cloud is 600 miles above the earth and stretches out into the outer Van Allen belt. Although Baker says this might play a role in the creation of the force field he believes that there is more going on.

“I think the key here is to keep observing the region in exquisite detail, which we can do because of the powerful instruments on the Van Allen probes. If the sun really blasts the Earth’s magnetosphere with a coronal mass ejection (CME), I suspect it will breach the shield for a period of time,” said Baker.

“It’s like looking at the phenomenon with new eyes, with a new set of instrumentation, which give us the detail to say, ‘Yes, there is this hard, fast boundary,’” said John Foster, associate director of MIT’s Haystack Observatory and a co-author of the study.

Perhaps unlocking the mystery of this energetic field will be a discovery that we can fractal down to study the energy around all living things including our own bodies. Maybe we are just at the beginning of a new type of energetic knowledge and technology.


Science Daily

University of Colorado at Boulder

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