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Indian National Anthem For King George Facts

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India During Ramayana Period,.jpg India During Ramayana Period, with Tamil Kingdoms.

The national Anthem of India ,Jana Gana Mana, was composed by Rabindra Nath Tagore, to felicitate King George V and it was sung in Honor of the Emperor.

Vande Mataharam was accepted by the Indian Public as the National Anthem of India and as Muslims objected to it, Gandhi and Nehru changed it to Jana Gana Mana.


The poem was composed in December 1911, coinciding with the visit of King George V at the time of the Coronation Durbar of George V, and “Bharat Bhagya vidhata” and “Adhinayaka” was believed to be in praise of King George V as per the British newspapers. The composition was first sung during a convention of the then loyalist Indian National Congress in Calcutta on 26 Dec 1911.[2] It was sung on the second day of the convention, and the agenda of that day…

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