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Amazing Similarities between Mayas and Hindu Nagas

Tamil and Vedas

Amazing Similarities between Mayas and Hindu Nagas

Amazing Similarities between Mayas and Hindu Nagas

( The first part of this article is Are Mayas, Indian Nagas?)

1. Strange co incidence: Kali Yuga 3102 BC and Maya Yuga beginning 3114 BC

2. Maya appearance: Maya people of Central America look exactly like Manippur or Nagaland people.

3. Maya architecture resembled Pallava and South East Asian monuments

4. Justifying their name NAGAS (Sanskrit name for snake) Snake Symbol is found every wherein Naga buildings.

5. “Maya”– was the divine architect in Hindu mythology. Justifying the name Maya, we see a lot of huge buildings in the Maya countries Mexico, Honduras, Belize and Guatemala.

6. 1000 pillar mandap is mentioned in Vedas and it is found in Madurai and other places. We hear about 1000 pillar mandap in Chichen Itza at the tip of Yucatan peninsula.

7.Patchouli is a game played by both…

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