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Suspended by Genitals Massacred Village Ordered by Pope


One is lead to belive that Christ taught the value of Perfection, Poverty and Preaching.

For precisely following the same, entire population was wiped out, towns destroyed and people were suffocated to death by closing the mouth of Caves where they hid from the marauding Crusaders ordered by Pope Innocent III.

As is usual, the Crusade was more about political power, as it was  when Constantine had the Old Testament compiled,

“The medieval Christian sect of the Cathars, against whom the crusade was directed, originated from a reform movement within the Bogomil churches of Dalmatia and Bulgaria calling for a return to the Christian message of perfection, poverty and preaching. Their theology was basically dualist.[1] They became known as the Albigensians, because there were many adherents in the city of Albi and the surrounding area in the 12th and 13th centuries…

Perceived irreligious.

When one reads the Bible…

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