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Nathuram Godse killed Gandhi to stop terrorism


Here’s something you’ll find very interesting : Inside the Mind of Nathuram Godse : His Last Letter
Indian Freedom figther, Nathuram Godse, shot Mohandas Gandhi for the latter’s support for moslems.
This is the letter he wrote from jail :
“You both are acquainted with the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita and have thoroughly studied our shastras. Bhagavan Sri Krishna had preached the ‘Gita’. The name Sri Krishna with his powerful weapon ‘Sudarshan Chakra’ had decapitated ‘Sishupal’, an Aryan King; not in the battlefield but on the land of the Rajasuya Yagna. Who can dare call this very act of Sri Krishna a sin? Sri Krishna had killed so many persons both in wars and on other occasions for the sake of establishing universal happiness. For the sake of one ‘Seeta Devi’ the Ramayana story was developed. Only for the sake of one ‘Draupadi’ the history of ‘Maha Bharat’ had been born. Today, in front of our own eyes the chastity of thousands of women is being violated. The persons who are committing these monstrous atrocities on women, are being helped in all possible ways. In such horrible circumstances, either for fear of our lives or for fear of public criticism, it was not possible for me to be silent without doing anything. I strongly believe that the blessings of thousands of women are backing me and substantiate my act. I am laying down my sacrifice at the feet of my beloved Motherland. My sacrifice may cause a bit of a loss to our own family. But, the destructed, demolished temples, the heaps of decapitated heads, the cruel murders committed on boys and girls and the atrocities on women…are reeling every minute before my eyes. I felt it was my utmost duty to cut off the help that was being carried to the wicked committing these cruel deeds. My mind is clean. Though many would entertain varied thoughts regarding my act, my mind is not perturbed even for the fraction of a second. If there is anything such as heaven, my place has been assured there and hence there is no necessity for me to offer a special prayer. If at all there is anything as such salvation, I am eligible to it. I do not in the least wish to live at the mercy of amnesty. I feel that a life obtained by an act of mercy is the real death for me. Death has not come in front of me. I myself have gone to the face of death. I am seeing with my smiling face, the Goddess of death. That Goddess of death also is so eagerly waiting to embrace me as a friend. Death has no power to distort the image of the ‘realized ones’, with sorrow. To fulfil the dream of my ideal that, from the river ‘Sindhu’ to the seas, this whole land of Bharat should become independent…this body of mine must essentially die. This self-sacrifice of mine for which the eyes of lakhs of people of this country that are shedding tears will share your sorrow. Akhand Bharat Amar Rahe! Vande Mataram!!”~Nathuram Godse, Ambala Central Jail, Nov. 12, 1949
May He Rest In Peace. Godse, not Gandhi. Gandhi can burn in hell for all I care !

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