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Australia Home Of Weapons Ramayana?

Australia was astralaya , Sanskrit name for home of weapons. Read more at http://www.decodinghinduism.com

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It is well-known among those who study Indian scriptures and archeology that the Western Indologists would do everything in their power to ensure that anything that proves or remotely connected to the antiquity of Vedas, Sanatana Dharma, is portrayed as something entirely different.

If the evidence is overwhelming then, they would try to assign a ridiculously later date .

Attempts will be made to suppress the original study.

Gympie Pyramid artefacts.jpg Gympie Pyramid artefacts resembles Indian Gods.

Thanks to internet,one is now able to get the suppressed ,authentic information.

These so-called archeologists and scientists would go even to the extent of saying that they ‘ do not want to study the material as it would reveal the impossible”(Dr.Pragnell,University of Queensland)

He is referring to Gympie Pyramid,Australia.

Why this aversion to know the truth?

Because the referred site  and Australia is mentioned in the hindu texts, Ramayana.

Not only the Gympie Pyramid but the…

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