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Balarama Is Hercules, Megasthenes

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All of us are aware of Megasthenes of Chandragupta period.

The Greek geographer and explorer Megasthenes arrived at the court of the Indian emperor Chandragupta Maurya at Pataliputra (modern Patna). He was sent as an ambassador by Seleucus Nicator of the Seleucid dynasty, with whom Chandragupta Mauryahad entered into a treaty and matrimonial alliance. During his stay in India, Megasthenes compiled the book Indica – a commentary on the geography, social traditions, and religious customs of India.

Balarama,brother of Lord Krishna.gif Balarama,Balarama with four hands, holding the club, plough, conch and sword, with a serpent coiled on his head. Illustration by Sourindo Mohun Tagore, 1880. Source: Wikimedia Commons. – See more at: http://bibhudev.blogspot.in/2014/03/hercules-and-balarama-symbolic-and.html#sthash.M2YLC9mO.dpuf

Hercules.jpg Herakles crowned with a laurel wreath, wearing the lion-skin and holding a club and a bow, c. 460–450 BC. Source: Wikimedia Commons / Marie-Lan Nguyen –

Indica, the book by Megasthanes is not available now.

Later Greek Historians ,Arrian and…

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