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Muslim tries to bury his 10-year old daughter alive in his backyard in India

The Muslim Issue

Thanks to our Indian readers for sending the story to our attention.

The fathers explanation for this savagery? He disliked her because she was a girl. Muslim savagery in India. A never ending problem undermining the entire Hindu culture. India suffers a huge problem with backward savagery that is a direct cloning from hundreds of years of Muslim Sharia savagery that began to get intertwined into Hindu culture.

Prior to the introduction of Islam into Hindu culture women walked around bare chested, rape was rare, and women were not second class citizens. They held very high positions in society and rule. The Islamic influence is brutal. A new Hindu vigilante group called Ganimi Kawa is trying to install Islamic Wahhabi Sharia practices targeting women and men with group assaults in Maharashtra then video taping it and posting it on the internet. This is emulating the Mutaweed in Saudi Arabia. To…

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