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Ganesha Mouse A Flying Machine? Inca Painting


Incas were the pre-Columbian people in Latin Amrica and their culture was a highly evolved one.

They were Sun worshipers just as the Hindus worship the Sun.

I will be posting detailed article on Incas and Sanatana Dharma.

Lord Ganesha has the Mouse,’Mushika’and He is called as Maha Kaaya, one who has a Large Body.

Though the legend has it that Mooshika was an Asura and after having been vanquished by Ganesha became His vehicle, there may be a different approach to this.

The Fourteen Lokas mentioned in Hinduism denote mental and spiritual development , there are also indications that they may Planes at different levels of Existence.

Quantum Physics has proved this and they have come upto 11 planes of Existence.

Still three more to go.

Please read my posts on this under Hinduism, Astrophysics.

And Vishnu’s navel is the Milkyway Galaxy(Check my post on this).

Proceeding on these…

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