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Arasandha’s martial arts training center at Rajgir-Bihar

Jarasandha Akhara or Akhada, better known as Ranbhumi which literally means battle field, is located at Rajgir of Nalanda District. This is where martial arts were practiced by Jarasandha and his army.He used to unite all kings and warriors who were against Krishna during that time and train them here.Bheema killed Jarasandha in a dual combat at this location.

Brihadrata’s dynasty rule continued with Jarasandha’s grandson Marjari and further more with 20 descendant kings for 1021 years and ended with 22nd king Ripunjaya.Later other dynasties took over Magadha kingdom and ruled further and later shifter capital from Girivrajapur (present day Rajgir) to Pataliputra (present day Patna).

In North India descendants of Jarasandh still claim to exist and use Lodha (लोधा) (which means piece of flesh named after their ascendant “jarasandh“) as their suffix or surname while naming themselves. Lodha Gotra Jats live in Rajasthan.There are few more descendants of Jarasandha moved to a place called Mitan in Rajasthan and are known by Gotra of Mitan (मिटाण).

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