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Choultries Free Food And Rest Rooms Of India

I hope people with money could add more.


Many have been asking me why I have been writing about Hinduism, especially about its spread throughout the world;its scientific approach;its greatness in Religious Tolerance;its closeness to Hindu way of Life;the astounding temples and the unbelievable architecture and its Advanced concepts.

Choultry, Free Boarding and Lodging.Image.jpg Sri Sringeri Peetha Paripalitha Vadlamannati Vari Satram, Arjun Street, Mallikarjunapeta, Vijayawada-1, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh.

The reason is,over a period of time, I shall be writing why this way of life is great, that is the enviable ,selfless service to Humanity and its Universal Human values, apart from easy, practical Spiritual Truth.

Hinduism knows how to prioritize  Human issues.

There is no point in teaching Spirituality to Empty stomachs.

  • Ahimsa (non-violence) – based on the concepts of atman and reincarnation.
  • Mind and sense control – considered essential for any form of morality.
  • Tolerance – necessary in order to deal with inconveniences in the performance of one’s dharma.
  • Hospitality…

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