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shiva linga in vatican city Rome

shiva lingam etruscan museum vatican city

This Siva Lingam is exhibited in Gregorian Etruscan Museum Vatican City.
This has the most important Etruscan collection in Rome, starting with early Iron Age objects from the 9th century BC.
Encyclopedia Britannica mentions under the headings “Etruria” and “Etruscan” that between the 2nd and 7th centuries BC, northern Italy was known as Etruria.
During archaeological excavations many such “meteoric stones mounted on carved pedestals(Siva Lingas on Bases)” are discovered in Italy.
This Siva Lingam was dug-up from Vatica City itself. Many more must be lying buried in the Vatican’s massive walls and numerous cellars.

The word ‘Vatican‘ itself is derived from sanskrit word ‘Vatika or Vatica‘, which means vedic cultural or religious centers.
In sanskrit Vatika word is used to describe a place, such as Ananda-Vatika, Ashrama-Vatika, Yagna-Vatika etc.

Such words and discoveries prove that the Vatican was a Hindu (Vedic) religious center before its incumbent was forced to accept Christianity from 1st century AD.

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