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Micro-drilling Technology Ancient India Mahabalipuram

Ancient India and science was at superb level until Christian and later Islamist started barbaric conversion and destroyed all.


A careful examination of the sculptures in Indian Temples and the Monuments built by Indian Kings reveal more about Indian way of Life and their scientific advancements.

One may also learn about the instruments they have used in executing the marvels of Architecture.

The 180 tons of single Granite Kalasam atop the Thanjavur Brahadeeswra Temple,

How did the people find such a single piece in a terrain devoid of Mountains?

How did they transport it, considering the fact that they had only carts and Horses?

And how did they move that single piece to the top of the Temple Tower?

Please read my post on Thanjavur Temple, how it was built?

Minute drilling on Granite, Mahabalipuram. Minute drilling on Granite, Mahabalipuram. Image credit.http://www.bcmtouring.com/forums/threads/tamilnadu-a-trip-to-mahabalipuram-from-bhubaneswar.62593/

We also find that there are astronomically aligned temples, structures where Sun/Moon light falls on a specific place at a specific time on a specific day.

Read my post on Vedic instruments.

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