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4000 years old Temple in Lebanon was built by Tamil Hindu kings of Bharat

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In Lebanon, there is a temple in Baalbek which is over 4,000 years old. Children in Lebanon schools study that Indian labor, elephants, sculptors and yogis constructed this. It is a massive temple. Some of the foundation stones weigh three hundred tons. Sculptures of lotus flowers are hanging from the ceiling. Obviously, there are no lotuses in Lebanon; it was sculptured by Indians. Every Lebanese child knows this. Has any #Indian child heard about it?

Over a thousand years ago, #Tamil kings went to Cambodia and built Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom. If you see the work that has been done there, you will feel proud of being human. The Angkor Wat is the largest religious building on the planet. Does any Tamil child in Tamil Nadu up to twelfth standard read a line about it in his textbook?

When you don’t feel pride, how do you build a nation?


Sadhguru: Yes. Bharat comes from bha – ra – ta. Bhava means sensation. Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching are different types of sensations. Your whole experience of life is sensory right now. Or in other words, sensations are the basis of your experience. Bha means sensation, out of which emotion arises. Ra means raga or the tune. The tune is not yours – existence has already set it. Now you have to find the rhythm, which is the tala. If you find the right rhythm, you are a fantastic human being. If you miss the rhythm, you get crushed by the process of life.

We called this nation Bha-ra-ta, and one of the great kings of the past was Bharata. People say the country is named after him, but actually, he was named after the country. There are so many Bharats and Bharatis in this country – they are named after this nation. King Bharata had nine sons, but when the time to hand over the empire came, he gave it to Bhumanyu, who was the son of the sage Bharadwaj. This boy grew up in the forest. When he came to the court one day, the king looked at him and said, “This boy must become the king – not my sons.” People were shocked because the emperor’s sons, nine of them, were waiting in a queue – probably fighting with each other over who would become the king. People argued, “Who is he? He has grown up in the forest.” Bharata said, “I see an enormous intelligence in his eyes and a raging fire in his heart. He is able-bodied and stable. He should be the king.” This was the first demonstration of democracy in this nation, thousands of years ago. I hope we follow this example today.

When the Europeans came here, they did not understand how this could be one nation if there is nothing binding it. But for over thousands of years, within this subcontinent and also in the remaining part of the known world of those days, people referred to this as one nation, though at some points, we were over 200 political entities. What is it that makes this nation? This is something that the leadership and the people of this country must really look at. It is not language. It is not religion. It is not race. Nationhood predates all religion. When there was no religion, this nation was. We called the land between Himalayas and the Indu Sarovar (Indian Ocean) Hindustan only as a geographical description – not to represent a particular religion.

Ancient Hindu temple in labenon

13 comments on “4000 years old Temple in Lebanon was built by Tamil Hindu kings of Bharat

  1. Sankar
    February 18, 2018

    Could Bha-ra-ta as sensation be referring to the vibrations that the letters in the Sanskrit alphabet create on the seven principal chakras?


  2. Sanatan Dharm and Hinduism
    February 25, 2018

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  3. sharonstjoan
    February 26, 2018

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  4. TITUS
    October 2, 2019

    Barata Or Bharath , originates from the defortmed Tamil word Barathavar (Paranthavar or Parathavar – Tamil), the word is used to describe the community of seafarers, who lived in the coast and sailed to far off lands, comprising of fishermen, explorers, traders, naval warfare sailors, etc. They were well known abroad and as the name migrated back to India through immigrants and from other cultures, the was deformed and with newer definitions.
    Theses Tamil kings ruled ancient United Kingdom, Paratha-var (name of the community), by altering the postfix – Brita-nnia (name of a region)
    Baratta (Βάραττα), was a town of ancient Lycaonia, In some itineraria the name is also spelt Barathra


  5. Suraj ratti
    May 27, 2020

    Indeed hindus it is unique religion we Indians are capable in every in computing, belief in reincarnation we Indians have never ruled any country in our history my desire is india must united the return of Pakistan back into India karachi was founded by kush the son of Lord ram and mother sita Lahore was founded by lav the son of Lord ram and mother sita


  6. MG
    June 2, 2020

    with all respect but all the info of this article about temples in Lebanon are wrong, I am Lebanese and the here mentioned Temple is the temple of Juipter the king of gods in roman meth, and was built by romans, in Lebanon we don’t have hindu temples or temples built by hindus.


    • Means you still live in ignorance.


      Some curious facts about the Baalbek temple are that you will see stone lotuses carved on the temple’s ceilings. That is intriguing, because there are no lotuses in Lebanon. But when I later came to India, I saw that the lotus is the most common symbolism of spirituality here. I haven’t seen an Indian temple without one. Secondly, the foundation stones of the temple are supposed to weigh eight hundred tonnes each. The ancients transported these immense stones, and also erected huge columns, which are at least 10 feet in diameter and 50 feet high. It is said that they were moved with the help of elephants, but people don’t give much credence to this as there are no elephants in West Asia.

      The lotus is the most common symbolism of spirituality in India.
      All these pieces of the puzzle dramatically fell together, when I was learning to perform the traditional Guru Pooja in the ashram in India. I was told that the traditional way to honor the guru is known as Shodashopachara, or 16 ways of treating a Guru. Something called a Guru Pooja stone, a stone with 16 corners, is also used for the purpose. When I saw it, I was reminded of this large stone lying in the middle of the ruins of Baalbek and I was able to connect the dots — the lotuses, the elephants and the 16-cornered stone…

      Suddenly, my coming to India did not seem so novel or original. Obviously, there was a cultural interaction going back thousands of years.

      Among the roof stones, there is a clear anahata symbol, with 6 petals and two interlocking triangles. And above all, in the museum at Baalbek, there is a stone with 16 corners called a Guru Pooja stone.

      Guru Pooja is not just an emotional thing, it is a whole system of creating a certain possibility, of creating a field of energy around you so that people become receptive and are drawn to the whole process. This is called Shodashopachara, which means 16 ways of treating a Guru. For this, 16-cornered stones are made which are called Guru Pooja Peetas which are unique to yogic culture. Guru Pooja stones of 16 corners could not have gone anywhere else except from the knowledge that Adiyogi himself transmitted. Such a thing exists nowhere else on the planet, but in Baalbek there is a Guru Pooja stone that is thousands of years old. Obviously there was a very active commercial and spiritual connection between the two lands.
      You probably still believe that man come from monkeys and Allah of Muslim cult is only religion and rest are kafir. This blog crosses boundary and if you are encircled in boundary then thank you for visiting and time to live on for you.


      • PK
        August 16, 2020

        great reply for the ignorant (rather arrogant) fools….. A majority of people who can’t understand the logics, sciences and wisdom embedded in Sanatan Culture, they conceal their incapability by mocking and maligning the Sanatan Culture.


  7. Rudraksha Ratna
    September 29, 2020

    18 mukhi Rudraksha bead holds divine vibrations of Goddess of abundance, Bhumi Devi.


  8. Allagherry govinden
    October 4, 2020

    As a Tamilian, I mus visit Lebanon and watch the Temple in BAALBEKand take notes of stones Keys 16 ways of treating a Guru.


  9. Pritchard Paul
    September 23, 2022

    Tamils have built enormous construction throughout southeast east asia are still doing it. Ask the romans or the Lebanese to recreate their ancient temples!The Roman army sailed to tamilnadu to purchase swords for their ancient army.


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