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Massive unknown mystery of holes

1. Dean’s Blue Hole

The world’s deepest salt water, can be found near Clarence Town, The Bahamas — plunges 202 metres (663 ft).


2. Bingham Canyon Mine

It also known as Kennecott Copper Mine, and spread to 2.5 miles (4 km) in the Oquirrh Mountains, southwest of Salt Lake City.


3. Chand Baori

It has located near by Harshat Mata temple, built over a thousand years ago by King Chanda somewhere in 800 AD and consists of 3,500 narrow steps.


4. The Big Hole

Also know as Kimberley Mine, and claimed to be the largest hole excavated by hand to date — located in Kimberley, South Africa.


5. Door To Hell

Door to Hell is a natural gas field that spread to 69 metres wide and 30 metres deep, and noted for its fire which has burning more than 40 years.


6. Kola Superdeep Borehole

The Kola Superdeep Borehole, in terms of deepest borehole –it is one of the deepest in the world. It is result of drilling project of the Soviet Union attempted to drill the deepest artificial point on Earth.


7. Great Blue Hole

It is UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996, located next to Lighthouse Reef, off the coast of Belize. The hole nearly 1,000 feet wide and more than 124 m (407 ft) deep.


8. SawMill Sink

SawMill Sink hole lies in the interior of Abaco Island in the northern Bahamas. It measures 55 feet (17 meters) wide and 110 feet (33.5 meters) deep, once it was once a dry cave.


9. Crveno Jezero

Aslo know as Red Lake, named after the reddish-brown color of the surrounding cliffs. The total depth of this sinkhole is approximately 530 metres, and declared as third largest sinkhole in the world.


10. Devil’s Sinkhole

Devil’s Sinkhole is a natural bat habitat, nearly 350 ft deep — located near the city of Rocksprings in Texas.




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