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Swastika in Greek Silver Coin

Swastik on a Greek silver coin from Corinth
Corinth was one of the earliest cities in Greece to issue coins, after Aigina and Argos. Until the early 7th century Corinth was using the coinage of Argos and stroked her own, under Kypselos.

The coins were showing on the face the city’s emblem Pegasos with the letter koppa (the archaic letter for K) and on the reverse an indented pattern (the so-called “colts”, poloi).

Periander cut an enormous amount of coins again with Pegasos and on the reverse a Swastik.

During the 6th century BC and later they used also Athena, the goddess of wisdom or Sarswati in hinduism.
From 415 BC, they also used letters and various symbols, such as weapons, shields, and animals, among them, dolphin, boar, bee, rooster, eagle

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