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11 Indian discovery for World

India had been land of innovation in Ancient era from starting from vedas>millions years ago, to many modern science.India’s achievments

1.Intel Pentium Chip and USB

Vinod Dham known as the father of the Pentium chip invented the first Intel Pentium chip. Universal Serial Bus (USB) technology also invented by an Indian, Ajay Bhatt.

intel-pentium© Image Source

2.Wireless communications/Radio

Sir Jagdish Chandra bose was the inventor of the first radio waves for wireless communication in 1895.Achievements of Sir J. C. Bose in the field of communication

Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose was original inventor of Radio

  • Sir J. C. Bose invented the Mercury Coherer (together with the telephone receiver) used by Guglielmo Marconi to receive the radio signal in his first transatlantic radio communication over a distance of 2000 miles from Poldhu, UK to  Newfoundland, St. Johns in December 1901. Guglielmo Marconi was celebrated worldwide for this achievement, but the fact that the receiver was invented by Bose was totally concealed. Read Bose’s original paper on the receiver device.
  • In 1895, Sir J. C. Bose gave his first public demonstration of electromagnetic waves, using them to ring a bell remotely and to explode some gunpowder. He sent an electromagnetic wave across 75 feet passing through walls and body of the Chairman, Lieutenant Governor of Bengal. (I am in process of ascertaining how this experiment is placed in context of works by other scientists towards demonstrating remote transmission of EM waves).

3. Cataract Surgery– The earlier form of Cataract Surgery,was known as ‘couching’, was first done by Sushrut in ancient India and then introduced to other countries. Read more Sushruta-samhita.

susruta samhita

4.Water in moon discovered by one and only Chandrayan, happened in 2008 and 2009, with Chandrayaan-1, the Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) first dedicated lunar mission. The Indian ‘Moon Impact Probe’ first detected the presence of lunar water.

5.Ruler was first used by Indus Valley civilizations, made from  IVORY (BBC).


    • 6.INDIAN INK, DYE AND COTTON-A bit of dyed cotton cloth from Mohenjo-Daro is one of the two oldest in the world. The other piece was found in Jordan. READ MORE-BBC-History of first urban city, bricks made houses ,tools,metals and bathroom facilitis in Mohan Jo Daro and Indus Valley civilizations.

    • Sea shells, for ornaments, were traded from over 800 km away.

      • 7. Chess-

      • Chess is board game originated in India during the Gupta Empire. Its early form in the 6th century was known as ‘Chaturanga’ during Mahabharat era>35000 years ago Dwarika of Krishna was >35000 years old).

      • chess

      • 8.First EMAIL system was discovered by Indian origin enterpriser wikipedia,,Mr Shiva Ayyadurai, Article in Times.

      • V.A.Shiva.2012.jpg

      • @WIKEPEDIA.

      • 9.Buttons -were first made by Indus Valley civilization and off course they used to wear tailor cut suites, so it is Indian origin.

      • Button: Ornamental buttons—made from seashell—were used in the Indus Valley Civilization for ornamental purposes by 2000 BCE.[1] Some buttons were carved into geometric shapes and had holes pierced into them so that they could be attached to clothing by using a thread.[1] Ian McNeil (1990) holds that: “The button, in fact, was originally used more as an ornament than as a fastening, the earliest known being found at Mohenjo-daro in the Indus Valley. It is made of a curved shell and about 5000 years old.”[2]

10.Slide Share-

The world’s largest slide-sharing website is the brainchild of Rashmi Sinha and her husband Jonathan Boutelle. The website was sold off to LinkedIn for a whopping 640 Crores.wikipedia

11.Sugar was first produced in the Ancient India .They discovered method of turning sugarcane juice into granulated crystals that were easier to store and to transport.

Read more at here.

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