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Hindu Idols at Qutub Complex

Hindu Idols at Qutub Complex
About the Qutub Minar itself there is overwhelming proof that it was a Hindu tower existing hundreds of years before Qutubuddin and therefore it is wrong to ascribe the tower to Qutubuddin.

Qutubuddin has left us an inscription that he destroyed these pavilions. But he has not said that he raised any tower. The destroyed temple was renamed as Quwat-ul-Islam mosque.

Stones dislodged from the so-called Qutub Minar have Hindu images on one side with Arabic lettering on the other. Those stones have now been moved to the Museum. They clearly show that Muslim invaders used to remove the stone- dressing of Hindu buildings, turn the stones inside out to hide the image facial and inscribe Arabic lettering on the new frontage.

Bits of Sanskrit inscriptions can still be deciphered in the premises on numerous pillars and walls. Numerous images still adorn the cornices though disfigured.

According to a Persian inscription still on the inner eastern gateway of Quwat-ul-Islam mosque, the mosque was built by the parts taken by destruction of twenty-seven Hindu and Jain temples built previously during Tomars and Prithvi Raj Chauhan, and leaving certain parts of the temple outside the mosque proper.Historical records compiled by Muslim historian Maulana Hakim Saiyid Abdul Hai attest to the iconoclasm of Qutb-ud-din Aibak.

Look at these disfigured Hindu statues and idols, can you a name any structure ever built by any Muslim leader where they had Hindu idols

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