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Vedic Rituals during Hajj

Vedic Rituals during Hajj
During the Hajj, Muslims follow exactly Vedic Hindu rituals of worshiping . They shave their heads. Male pilgrims are required to dress only a garment consisting of two sheets of white cloth (Dhoti).

Another Hindu tradition associated with the Kaaba is that of the sacred stream Ganga (sacred waters of the Ganges river). According to the Hindu tradition Ganga is also inseparable from the Shiva emblem as the crescent moon. Wherever there is a Siva emblem, Ganga must co-exist. True to that association a sacred fount exists near the Kaaba. Its water is held sacred because it has been traditionally regarded as Ganga since pre-Islamic times (Zam-Zam water).

Muslim pilgrims visiting the Kaaba temple go around it seven times. In no other mosque does the circumambulation prevail. Hindus invariably circumambulate around their deities. This is yet another proof that the Kaaba shrine is a pre-Islamic Indian Shiva temple where the Hindu practice of circumambulation is still meticulously observed

It might come as a stunning revelation to many that the word ‘ALLAH’ itself is Sanskrit. In Sanskrit language Allah, Akka and Amba are synonyms. They signify a goddess or mother. The term ‘ALLAH’ forms part of Sanskrit chants invoking goddess Durga, also known as Bhavani, Chandi and Mahishasurmardini. The Islamic word for God is., therefore, not an innovation but the ancient Sanskrit appellation retained and continued by Islam. Allah means mother or goddess and mother goddess.

2 comments on “Vedic Rituals during Hajj

  1. Saurabh Jain
    May 13, 2019

    It’s just my opinion below::, might be true or not don’t know.

    Islam might be believing in Daksha Prajapati instead. We know that after Daksha Yagna episode out of innocence Bholenath revived Daksha, establishing goat’s head.
    To know basics why Daksha hated Shiva:: visit link:
    That’s why goat sacrifice is a Bakri id celebration. To revive daksha life… just as we please pitras by pind daan…. they distribute goat flesh to poor and needy to please Daksha.
    (Veerabhadra cuts Daksha’s head and destroys it in the sacred fire of the Yagna. He again breathes life to Daksha and grants Him a goat’s head.)

    Daksha never believed true duality, Shiv-Shakti; Shiv ganas-9 planets,etc, Panchamahabhutas theory,etc.
    So, muslims disregard Shiv Shakti worship. They are not against idols, basically Daksha didn’t like the material Shiv Shakti pair, because of Shiva being a Mahayogi and vitraagi.
    Muslims do not preach yoga, although God and salvation is only achieved through Yoga. Daksha wanted people to forget Shiva forever therefore he tried his best to involve godly concept of resurrection instead of complete peace(mukti-salvation)

    Also, Daksha had special attention to the moon instead of sun, because of his 27 daughters(nakshatra’s) married to moon. So, muslims obey moon more than sun.

    Muslims don’t suggest to listen to/create shastriya music as naad,Akshar,Matrikas, vyakaran,Omkar, swar yoga, etc was created when Shiva played his damru, which might please Shiva and thus, this disturbs Daksha’s peace.

    Muslims allow marriage’s within family as they don’t remember the ardhanarishwar swaroop, knowledge about Kuldevi and Kuldevta for our gotra is to be respected to prohibit marriage in your own kul… Kuldevata and Kuldevi are supreme Shiva Shakti to be worshipped strictly by any lineage without fail or excuses. Daksha destroys Shiv Shakti concept here too, so that people remain confused and spiritually weak all their life!


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