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Photons and boson in Gita and Bhagvatpuran

Modern scientists theorized that  photon (light) is the transmitter particle (gauge boson) for electromagnetic force.Although higs got Nobel Prize, Bose of India did  not because he was from India. Srimad Bhagavatam or Bhagavata Purana written >35000 years ago, describes vedic atoms or hexatoms (made from combinations of 6 atoms), which are visible to naked eye under sunlight.hexatoms photons
These photons have no mass and no electric charge. They can be redirected by gravity (not because gravity attracts the photon, but because gravity bends the very space through which the photon flies).
They also behave in two ways : waves and particles.

Besides photons, there are a few other gauge bosons, for fundamental forces of nature.
W and Z bosons (which supposedly cause the weak atomic interaction), gluons (which supposedly cause the strong atomic interaction) and the (totally speculative) gravitons (which are expected to cause gravitional force although no one has ever detected a graviton).

But, Bhavatpuran composed by Sage Veda Vyas >35000  years ago has mentioned about these gauge bosons (Hexatoms and Photons).
Sage Maitreya speaking to Vidura, says that the photon is actually made up of 6 (specifically 3 groups of 2) atomic particles.

aṇur dvau paramāṇū syāt
trasareṇus trayaḥ smṛtaḥ
kham evānupatann agāt

Translation : Division of gross time is calculated as follows: Two atoms make one double atom, three double atoms make one Hexatom. This Hexatom is visible in the sun light which enters through the holes of a window screen. One can clearly see that the Hexatom goes up towards the sky.

Here trasareṇuḥ is Hexatom or Photon.

aṇuḥ — atom; dvau — two; parama-aṇu — atoms; syāt — become; trasareṇuḥ — hexatom; trayaḥ — three; smṛtaḥ — considered; jāla-arka — of sunshine through the holes of a window screen; raśmi — by the rays; avagataḥ — can be known; kham eva — towards the sky; anupatan agāt — going up

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