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Survival of Sanatan Dharma

Survival of Sanatana Dharm

Much of the Hindu Dharma civilization was either destroyed or converted from approximately the First Century on, by Christian and Moslem zealots, who were out to gain wealth and power in the name of religion. Rulers all over the world have repeatedly obliterated world history with a view to subjugating the masses, since knowledge is power. In this context, thousands of manuscripts have been burned, millions of people tortured, thousands of buildings and cities converted into modern religious sites, with their artifacts buried in the dusts of time. Some famous expungings include:

240 BC: The Chinese Emperor Dic Huyang destroyed all of the books on history and science he had access to;

146 BC: The Romans burnt the Library in Carthage which contained 500,000 manuscripts. It burned for 17 days;

? BC: Library at the Temple of Ptah, the Divine Lord in Memphis was burned destroying many palm-leaf manuscripts;

In Asia Minor the library at Peragmus was burnt containing 200,000 texts;

48 BC: Julius Ceaser burned the famous library in Alexandria, Egypt which contained 700,000 manuscripts;

6 BC: Pisistratus in Athens was burnt; only Homer’s epics were salvaged;

The Bibractis Druid College’s Library in Autun, France was destroyed by Roman troops;

Emperor Tsin-She Hwangeti of China had thousands of ancient manuscripts burned;

Leo Isarus burned down a library of 300,000 volumes in Istanbul;

296 AD: Dioclisian burned a large number of Aegyptian and Greek manuscripts;

312 AD (approximately): The first neo-convert Roman Christian Emperor Constantine swooped down on the Vatican

(then Vedican) destroying a number of Vedic manuscripts. It is believed that he also slew the Vedic pontiff and installed a Christian in his place.

1555 AD: A European Christian ruler, Franciso Telod, in Peru destroyed all the records and manuscripts throwing light on the ancient civilization of the Americas in his access.

1600 AD: Bishop Diago de Landa destroyed most of the ancient literature and sacred books of Mexico(2)

1860-1940 AD: British rule in India effectively destroyed the public educational system and robbed thousands of valuable manuscripts, destroying the rest. Even with all of this, there are numerous facts which still point to the glory of the Vedic Age.

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