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Mayan books burned by Christians

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You have read lot about Ancient Greece, The Egyptians, The Romans etc from Bible, historians but not about Mayan period because  books, knowledge were ,just like Muslim burned Hindu, Buddhist books in Nalanda, Takshshila ead terrorist religion which you still seen day, players changed as now Saudi and many Middle east Islamic nations pay for terrorism to spread. Why little is known about the pre-Columbus Maya peoples is because Christians , Spaniards finished their existence to spread Christianity. Mel Gibson’s 2006 film ‘Apocalypto’ doesn’t count as an accurate source of Mayan information.124-610x360

The Mayans formed the first pre-Columbus writing system in the Americas, which is thought by historians to date back to as far as the 3rd century BC. Historians believe the writing used 800 different glyphs which, as you can see, appears somewhat reminiscent of the Egyptian hieroglyphs, but it has no direct parallels. d0fa190f5f6729a7d7dc16784fc94c7a

Spanish  burned all  Mayan-related documents they could get their hands on, only four books with Mayan writings are believed to be in existence.Mayans named newborns after their birthdate.The Mayans were believed to reside in large swathes of Central America, encompassing the south of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador.

The last known Mayan government governed in the island city of Tayasal until surrendering to Spanish rule in 1697.

Although the Mayan civilization was entirely conquered by the latter end of 17th century, the ancient culture and Mayan language are still prevalent in some rural areas of Mexico and Guatemalamayan_map

Like many ancient civilizations, Mayans never used iron or steel to make their weapons. Instead, they were formed of obsidian or volcanic rock.2016-03-21-13-06-23

In the modern-day world, ballgames are beloved the world over, and it seems the Mayans were no different. Indeed, like the Aztecs, the Mayans were avid fans of the ballgame ‘Mesoamerican Ballgame.’ However, unlike popular ballgames of soccer and basketball, the Mayans game was  associated with life and death,  on the losing team.

Saunas and hot baths were often used by the Mayans to rid impurities

Though many will tell you the Mayan calendar predicted the fatal end of the world in 2012, none of their calendars predicted anything of the sought

Mayan dentistry, the ancient peoples- of all classes-  implanted gems into their teeth due to the aesthetic appearance! desktop-1424285290

Away from the Ancient Indian and Babylonian  system, the Mayans are thought to be the first civilization to use the number zero as a placeholder.

The Mayans are synonyms with many things, but it’s often the ruins and pyramids in the city of Chichen Itza, the largest Mayan city that most people will recognize. Unbelievably, the government only recently purchased the historic city from a private owner!The Juego de Pelota or Ball Court, Monte - Media (9 of 15) Olmecs to Toltecs- Great ancient_1291291292273_thumb[3]

Human sacrifice played a large role in the Mayan culture, and as many historians have discovered over the years, the sacrifices were huge spectacles. Normally, prisoners and slaves were painted blue before led up the staircases of a pyramid. From that point, many would succumb to their deaths via the barrage of stabbing arrows from exuberant onlookers. If that hadn’t killed them, then they’d find themselves in the more unfortunate position of being skinned alive.

Mayan medicine was quite advanced, and though they equated sickness with the supernatural, research has shown that a high percentage of Mayan surgeries were based on rational observations via the effects of plants and the human body. Yes, many of the shamans were ahead of their time, and were known to sutured wounds with human hair, and even perform complex oral surgeries.


No single King ruled the Mayan Empire. Instead, rule and law was spread across 20 separate areas, each with their own ruler and noble class.

The Mayans had a penchant for farming, and although agriculture in a tropical rainforest isn’t easy, the farmers overcame such obstacles by clearing large areas to create large reservoirs from which to store water.

Like many cultures past and present, the Mayan society was divided into three separate groups. At the top, you had the kings and priests while the middle and lower classes comprised of artisans, tradesmen and merchants. Farmers were deemed to be of the lowest class.

The decline of the Mayan Empire came long before the Spanish conquest. In fact, many of the great Mayan cities such as Palenque, Tikal, and Copán had long disappeared, and even to this day, no one knows quite what happened. And though many theories have since proliferated- the most frequent being disease and invasion- there has never been any substantial evidence to prove such theories.


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