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Manipuri language-from Sanskrit


“Boron” is what called rain in Bishnupriya Manipuri speech. This term was directly borrowed from Rig Vedic God “Borun/Varun”. Water has always been considered holy and divine from ancient time in India, henceforth rain was named after Varun across many Vedic communities, most certainly “Boron” term prevailed in the Vedic age, and interstingly this term is in use only in a tiny Vedic community B. Manipuri to this day.

Varun is one of the most important Rig Vedic God of ancient India. In Rig Veda about twelve hymns are dedicated to Him. According to the Vedas, He was responsible for causing rain to fall, rivers to flow, and winds to blow, the god of water and was associated with oceans and rivers. Varun is usually seen riding a sea monster called Makar. Like other Vedic deities during the Puranic age Varun gradually lost importance to trinity Vishnu-Shiva-Brahma. But still there are substantial traits could be traced in various Hindu tradition.

From this ancient term few important historical facts can be established:
(1) B. Manipuri is a Vedic community.
(2) Formation of B. Manipuri community took place during Vedic age itself, developing a separate culture and tradition withing very Vedic guidelines.
(3) B. Manipuri preserved some of rarest archaic Vedic traits to this day in comparison to other community.
(4) Most certainly B. Manipuri language is a direct descendant of Sanskrit.

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