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Christianity in India-Conversion for false prophet

CHRISTIANITY IN INDIA Swami Vivekananda (A lecture delivered at Detroit on March 11, 1894 and reported in the Detroit Free Press) Christian Persecution in India: The Real Story By Francois Gautier …


Swami Vivekananda

(A lecture delivered at Detroit on March 11, 1894 and reported

in the Detroit Free Press)

Christian Persecution in India: The Real Story

By Francois Gautier

[We have heard about what the Christians in India have called the persecutions against them. However, there is much more to this story than we often hear, and there are certainly two sides to it. The following is a first-hand investigative article that relates what has really been going on with the Christians in India, much of which has been kept from the public. This shows the duplicity in the Christian activities in India. This article, by Francois Gautier, is reprinted from the “Annual Research Journal, 2001” published by the Institute for Rewriting Indian [and World] History.]


Source: Christianity in India

4 comments on “Christianity in India-Conversion for false prophet

  1. Shankar
    September 23, 2016

    You are back to presenting interesting articles again. However, in the article by Francois Gauthier we find that amazing reference “And look at what the Americans did to the Osho movement in Arizona…”

    It is not want the Americans did to Sri Rajneesh (as he called himself then) but what Rajneesh was doing to the Americans.

    Rajneesh aka Osho was a major cult leader in the US in the 80’s. He promoted free love and thus became hugely popular. He ran a commune in Oregon that was patrolled by armed guards.

    Rajneesh and his ashram was under investigation for multiple felonies including arson, attempted murder, drug smuggling, and vote fraud in the nearby town of Antelope as Rajneesh tried to take over the town. Rajneesh attempted to flee the U.S. but was apprehended shortly before takeoff in his private plane loaded with gold.

    In 1985 Rajneesh pleaded guilty to immigration fraud and was deported from the United States.

    He was refused entry by 21 countries before fleeing to his ashram in Pune, India, again complete with armed guards.

    Because of AIDS Rajneesh changed his name to Osho and the newly incarnated Osho changed his message away from free love.

    In 1990 Osho died under mysterious circumstances, some say, he was poisoned by his key supporters so that they could get their hands on his books, tapes, etc and make vast sums of money.

    Does anyone have any thing to learn from Rajneeesh’s/Osho’s manipulative theories? I think not.


    • Sanatan Dharm and Hinduism
      September 23, 2016

      Agree. These so called prophet are one who maligned ll true Dharma, that is hard to understand anyway per Gita. Nice comment.


    • Sanatan Dharm and Hinduism
      September 24, 2016

      Free sex , prostitution ,HIV , teen pregnancy, sodomy allowed by Vatican institutions , rape by own family member – they are all part of sex and money culture of USA that has not only affected public but many presidents of USA including JFK and Clinton. While USA and Europe is commune in that sense. I agree that osho hurt Indian yoga very much by teaching people a wrong Indian philosophy so he suffered and that is good. Karma does , at its speed it wants. People take advantage of religions and that is why many atheist are now in Europe and USA and this trend will keep going as long as people become literate enough to understand true Sanatan ever flowing energy in universe like light in and out and touching every body , they know or not.


  2. Shankar
    September 25, 2016

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