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Athatvsvedas-Ancient Indian theory of science, cosmos 

Athatvavedas advanced science, Quantum Mechanics facts, Big Bang, String Theory and the age of the Universe mentioned before Europeans discovered these concepts.
Athatvavedas, written in Devnagri or Sanskrit, containing 730 important hymns, divided in 20 books, with about 6,000 mantras these are different kind of mantras some to remove problems, to relieve anxiety, and how to prepare potions for different needs, using folk medicine, magic spells incantations to be recited by whoever needed something related to this philosophy and theosophy too.

 This knowledge dates back to 2nd millenium BCE.

Some books were added at different times too. A very important and interesting book is the “Mundakopanishad” written around 6000 BCE. 

Quantum Mechanics concepts and Einstein theories are mentioned here long ago, This Upanishad has 3 chapters, and subdivisions called Khanda, with 64 mantras. 

One of the mantras describes fire or energy as 7 flickering tongues.
These are: 

☆Kaali, or black one, 

☆Karaali , the terrific one, 

☆Manojava , the fast and swift as the mind, or like the wind. 

☆Sulohita is the deep red .

☆ Sudhumravarna is gray, or smoke-color.

☆Sphulligini or sparkling one, and

☆Viswa-Rupi or Viswaruchi, the one having all forms.

When doing these Karmas, or Agnihotra, done correctly, and the flames are shining and in proper time, whoever repeats these mantras will get to the Sun, to the Lord of the Deva where he is found.

Manojava the Tachyon, travels faster than light , or at the speed of our thoughts.

Sulohita describes something very similar to the infrared radiation, and Sudhumravarna to the ultraviolet radiation. 

Suphulligini description is like nuclear energy, and the last one, pulls everything that comes close to it, and everything into it. 

Amazing concepts of so long ago. 

The wisdom and knowledge developed by indian sages is really a great accomplishment and awesome.

Einstein says the Big Bang was the beginning of the Universe, but according to Hindu cosmology, the Universe has always existed, and it is eternal, although it is destroyed and re created over and over, without end. The concepts of matter energy, space and time were well known to the ancient Vedas too. Possibly understood, that past, present, and future exist simultaneously in space time.

If you ever read Bhagwat Gita , this concept of Time – ( Past , Present and Future exists simultaneously )- will be more easy to perceived.
For an Example :
न त्वेवाहं जातु नासं न त्वं नेमे जनाधिपाः।

न चैव न भविष्यामः सर्वे वयमतः परम्।।2.12।।
Translation :
Never was there a time when I did not exist, nor you, nor all these kings; nor in the future shall any of us cease to be.

The Concept Big bang theory was also mentioned in Hindu Cosmology behind allegorical story and symbols.

Let’s Discover the Science.

We know Lord Bishnu is dreaming this universes in His “Yog Nidra” situating on “Ananta Nag” who has Infinite or endless Coils.

Every coils of Ananta Nag represents the each time span of universe , or One coil represents one Manifestation of Universe , (Because the Recreation and Devastation of Universe is endless process )

– As Mentioned in Vishnu Puran.

The conclusion it is clear , If “Ananta Nag” has endless tails so this phenomenon of manifesting universes is, and tends to infinite time span.

 So , to worship “Ananta Nag / Sesh Nag” is to worship each time scale of this endless process.

If you can remember the famous picture of Lord Vishnu , you can see both “Ananta Nag” and “Lord Vishnu” is situated at a Ocean named as “Khir Shagar” or “Maya Sagar” means , Means a Ocean of illusions or Virtuality or you can say The ocean from where dimensions (Space & Time) came.

Maa Adishakti here expressed herself as Mahamaya (Maya sagar).

 “Maha Kali” is the first form of “Mahamaya” 

(as mentioned in Dasha Mahavidya – Soon we are going to publish a post decoding Dashamahavidya as Ten cosmic causes).

“Maha Kali” means the time itself. [Kaal = Time].

So it’s clear that Time ( Great diamension) came from Mahamaya (Maya Sagar).

The effect of Maya acts on Human brain to confuse in wrong and right or what actually is going behind the Universe. The same thing will be happened if all the Characters of your computer games get lifes and start to “Think” by the influence of artificial intelligence. They never could feel that the world they are living in, is actually a virtual world designed by a software developer. 

They will start to cry on the death of their relatives. They will smile if you won the game. But only you know everything happens inside of your computer is not Real.

Well coming back to the Hindu Cosmology.
If you go into the depth of this concept , 

According to the Modern String Theory,  

This “Maya Sagar” is named as a Tumultuous Ocean of strings vibrating at the precise frequencies  

(“OM”) that creates the dimensions, height, width , depth , Space, Time and the imagination of Brain ( this is also a dimension)

Please Read this Sloks , to understand the Scientific Essence of Hinduism :
From “Tantrokta Ratri Suktam” :

ॐ विश्वेश्वरीं जगद्धात्रीं

स्थितिसंहारकारिणीम् ।

निद्रां भगवतीं विष्णोरतुलां तेजसः

प्रभुः ॥१॥

Om, the Mother of the entire Universe, who supports all the worlds being an endless Ocean, Who is the underlying Cause behind the continuance of Existence (Sthiti) as well as

Withdrawing of Creation (Samhara),
Who is the Mother of unparalled Tejas (Power) and is the Yoganidra of Lord Vishnu ; 


त्वं स्वाहा त्वं स्वधा त्वं हि

वषट्कारः स्वरात्मिका ।

सुधा त्वमक्षरे नित्ये त्रिधा

मात्रात्मिका स्थिता ॥२॥

Brahma said:

You are Swaha (Sacrificial oblations to the gods), You are Swadha (Sacrificial oblations to the manes), You are indeed Vasatkara (exclamation during sacrifice after which the oblation is poured); You are the essence behind these Swaras (exclamations during sacrificial oblations) (and thus the One to Whom all Sacrificial Oblations go),

2.2: You are the Nectar (of Bliss) within the Akshara (☆Frequency ☆ “OM” ☆ ), residing eternally as the essence behind the three Maatras (A-U-M = Three major forces of Cosmology – For which the Universe got the form of Energies + Matters )
अर्धमात्रास्थिता नित्या

यानुच्चार्या विशेषतः ।

त्वमेव सन्ध्या सावित्री त्वं देवि

जननी परा ॥३॥
You eternally abide in the very subtle

Bindu (Singularity of Big Bang Theory) of the Omkara, which in particular ,

cannot be pronounced at all
 [Conventional Mathematics and Physics are useless to Describe “Singularity” , it is still unexplained – For more details open Mr. Hawking’s Photo ]
 You indeed are the Sandhya (The approaching calmness of the night and the essence of the Sandhya worship) and You indeed are the Savitri (The power of the Sun during the day and the essence of the Gayatri Mantra); You are the Devi Who is the Supreme Mother,

त्वयैतद्धार्यते विश्वं त्वयैतत् सृज्यते जगत् ।

त्वयैतत् पाल्यते देवि ! त्वमत्स्यन्ते च

सर्वदा ॥४॥


4.1: You Bear this Universe , You Create this World (from Your Power), …

4.2 … and You Sustain this Creation, O Devi (through Your Power), and finally You merge this Creation within You , always.<3 ❤
One can see the original world beyond this dimensions and five senses , if we get more Spiritual Intelligence (Developed artificial intelligence ) from “Mother Mahamaya” and everything you can see is developing by “Mahamaya”(as an software engineer).

Now you can understand what is the essence of Worshiping “Mahamaya” or “Devi Durga”

Coming back to the picture of lord Visnu sitting on Ananta Naga:-

Modern cosmology cleared the concept of space and time having coiled with each other forming a DNA Structure…..

“Ananta Nag” coiled himself in

“Maya sagar” ~~ did you catch the point…? 🙂
Stephen William Hawking, is claiming the Universe was created from “singularity” – an unimaginable point in where the entire Universe was centred.

an accidental explosion forced the Universe to be expanded,which is wrong. 
According to Hinduism, Lord Bramha , The Creator of the Universe (The Universe itself ) took birth from the “Navel” of Sri Vishnu.
The “Navel” represents the “Singularity” where the entire universe was centred.
The Lotus, where Brahma is situated , representing the two main characteristics of Universe – one , expansion and two contraction. 

(Lotus flowers have this characteristics – expansion at the present of first sunlight and collapsing at the end of the day. Some time it blooms at Full moon light)

Brahma created the Universe from creating a Cosmic Sound “Ahhuummmnnn” or “OM” (Mentioned in Bramhma Suktam) and how “Om” – the oldest sound , became the cosmic cause of the Universe was mentioned in previous post through String Theory.

Well , There is perfect calculation of each manifestation of each Universes and their time span , in Vedanta.

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