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Hindu inflence in Central America

The Hindu influence clearly seen in Central America.
Latest and strongest evidence of the Vedic connection and influence in the Maya culture of Mexico and Central America.

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Like the Hindus, the Mayas had knowledge of zero, they were the only ones besides the Indians, using this mathematical concept.

About astronomy, the old Maya Observatory is better aligned, and oriented than the present day Paris Observatory.

The use of the wheel, although the Mayas used the wheels mainly in children toys,

Among other similarities, a technique for manufacturing bark paper, also used in other places in the South Asian continent, particularly in Indonesia.

The Hindus could have traveled to the Americans from Indonesia too, since they were very good navigators.

The temples are remarkably similar, with the slopes of the roofs, their dimensions, and positions of doors and windows, practically like the Hindus and their Vastu Shastra. Other dimensions, like the layout and planning of their towns is like, the layout of the Vastu Purana Mandala.

The mortar used and many other building techniques, are extremely similar to the Hindu techniques. Also using an 8 x 8 square, This dates back 8,100 years BCE.

The Maya city, Yaxchila, or Yaksha-Sila, यक्षशिला
Temples’ lintels in this city show strong links to the carvings and decorations of the Yakshas in India, in Sanskrit PaShan (पाषण)
like the hindus, the Mayas also had in their temples a special room, called chilambalam by the Mayas. there is evidence Hanuman was worshipped by the Mayas, there are statues in temples.

The Mayas probably became interesting in tracking the rising and setting of the planet Venus, from Vedic astrology, there are also many similarities of the knowledge about this planet in both civilization. This also shows a clear and definite connection. It is almost certain the Hindus did visit, and stayed teaching much about their civilization to the Mayas.

The religion and worship of gods is remarkably similar too. An interesting fact which can also be seen up to the present day is during the Summer Solstice, and people from all over the world come to observe this amazing phenomenon, possible thanks to these ancient architects, and astronomers using Vedic knowledge.

During the Summer Solstice, the Sun rays. falls directly on a corner of the Chichen Itza pyramid, which looks very much like an Indian Temple. The light coming down from top to bottom of the pyramid,.shining on a serpent carving. As the light comes down, the serpent seems to move, slithering down the edge of the temple, and at the bottom falling into the mouth of a bigger serpent..

Present day scientists state, the advanced knowledge of astronomy, mathematics, specially geometry for this amazing effect to be created. Among the many different architects, astrophysicists and other scientists, think this is because most likely possible, because Mayas acquired their knowledge, and advanced astronomy from Hindu sources, the Mayas were the most advanced in these areas back, the the other, like the Aztecs, Olmecs and others in those Pre-Columbian times. More evidence of the Hindu presence in the Americas.

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