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Trump -45 th President of United States 

Americans realized and they did what Indians did to bring Modi after corruption. When Clintons found corrupt and making USA justice system corrupt , they woke up and did historic election to choose Trump as president . Brave and great choice . What a beautiful surprise to paid journalists. 

​​And now after Trump wins-

 Look at standards of CNN journalists, just like Indian paid media. They want illegal aliens to stay to do terrorism. Obama himself wanted illegal aliens to vote. Glad these corrupted Washington politics people will now get “drain the swamp”. CNN news is trying to create white v/s black even after election as their prediction just fell flat. Obama is silent on domestic terrorism aftermath created by so called black lives matter. All lives matter and yes illegal is illegal and rules and regulations are same for USA that is USA I knew and voted and spread awareness for Trump. Glad for right choice. Muslims are creating terrorism all over world and they should be treated as trump say.

Obama insulted Trump in 2011 in White House and disrespectful to guest
This is what Obama and all newspaper were making fun of Trump

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