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The Rise of Roman Empire

The Rise of Roman Empire !!!


Unearthed after 2500+ years! Western Domination of Mighty Hindu Civilisation. The Rise of Roman Empire !!!

It was very interesting for me to watch modern western historians still follow the footsteps of their ancient ancestor. I quote his comment on “Attila the Hun”.Who was the ruler of the Huns from 434 until his death in March 453?
One Historian quotes “ Attila was not like Alexander the great, like Charming, or great king but a psychopath murderer, violent , cruel killer ,He wanted to capture as many as region possible. Wait a second, what was The Great Alexander was doing? What was his army were doing when they conquered large parts of land they invaded? What happened to the Christians, slaves, and prisoners in Roman empire?
Prisoners would often be crucified in great numbers after a period of civil unrest, and after the slave rebellion led by Spartacus from 73-71 BC around 6,000 of his followers were crucified along the Appian Way between Rome and Capua. Also after Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 AD, mass crucifixions were carried out to ensure that message was taken on board that rebellion was not going to be tolerated by the Roman authorities. Women and children were raped by his soldiers. How that was so kind for him as he becomes Alexander The Great but Attila became the murderer of all time? This their core Ideology of Western kingdoms till date. Demonize, Demoralise, spread inferiority complex, dissect the facts and write the biased history, entirely and completely erase others history to suit their propaganda.

To understand this article these are some basic facts one must be aware of. But how it all started, The domination of primitive western world against world oldest and prosperous civilization and the culture called SANATANA DHARMA !!!. The answer can be found in the origin of ROME !!! Ancient western super power for over 1000 years.

Origin of Roman empire-The begging of western domination :
In the year one 100 A.D. You can travel Egypt to France on paved roads with only one currency and with one passport in your pocket. And this vast and well-organized empire mustered the largest army western world had ever seen. Over Half million soldiers and over 330,000 soldiers lost in the battles in 100 B.C.E. to 400 AD. ROME was the super power of the ancient world. Later super powers never stopped learning the lesson of this spectacular rise and fall of the Romans. Napoleon the great was not alone with his obsession with Rome. 20 years before the Napoleon marched into Rome the other side of the Atlantic group of men designing a political system for their new country called United States of AMERICA.America’s founding fathers spent much of their childhood and adulthood reading Latin texts and history of Rome. Some important archives were exclusively available for American and Europeans elite.For them, Rome is not something dead or past but something still alive. The basis of modern western civilizations lies with an ancient history of Rome.
The western world grew up under a Roman shadow. Napoleon said that the story of Rome is Story of the World. But who were these Romans, from where they acquired this high-end knowledge and technology which propelled their primitive civilization into the most dominant force in just a few centuries and even till date ?. Only that the Romans empire ended but still thrives in the name of different western superpowers.
NOTE : These are the accounts as per the western historians themselves on their Roman empire

The story of Rome started before 3000 years ago on the hills of central Italy. When the Mediterranean sailors of ancients Greek looked west and sailed into the unknown, It was 800 years older than Jesus Christ and ROME still didn’t exist. But the historical stories were told about the mysterious people with strange exotic customs and untold rituals, language and culture. Adventurous Greek traders sailed west into the uncharted seas. Navigating by the stars without any navigational instruments came to explore the little-known peninsula of western Mediterranean they named it Hesperia, the ‘land of the evening sun’. When the Greek sailed to Italy they found something they dint expects. The civilized Greek found an Advanced civilization already there. There were massive walled cities ,there were kings and high priest. Their artifacts were very unique , fine tuned and with high detailed man sized statues with the human expression on them.This ranged from gigantic gods, goddess, sexual acts openly scriptures on their walls of spiritual buildings, well planned public buildings and well-organized rules and laws followed by every citizen like the Greeks had never seen before.There were traders who traded the finest gold art work they ever seen.They thought the Greeks everything with open mind set . Which itself was quite baffling for the great civilized people of Greek as they shared their advanced science. ETRUSCAN
Lived in the fertile hills of central Italy .But the real wealth found underground.The richest deposits of iron ore, copper, and tin in the central Mediterranean. As early as 700 BC they created metal shafts, funnels, metal sculptures, smelters so vast as 2700 years later Mussolini reprocessed them to produce weapons for world war II . ETRUSCAN traded their fine sculptures as far as Syria, Portugal and even Sweden where their artifacts can be unearthed. The change began with the early Romans who grew up in their shadows of well advanced superior culture and spirituality. The first Romans were primitive, though backward men. They resented the ETRUSCAN but have everything to learn from them.Including the darker side of their great civilization.

Their society was divided into class.From high priest to the daily wager like caste system based on works they did, their war tactics, practices, hand to hand battles like Kalari fight of southern India(Ancient martial arts which gave birth to Shaolin Kungfu. ETRUSCAN staged games at the funerals of important men where the loser was killed in the end. Ritual sacrifices ranging from animals and human by different sects of their societies for the different deity. Their blood celebrated as the prestige of the dead man as an honor and for their gods of war and the spirit of the dead. Romans later inherited their rituals of sacrificial blood. Which later developed into the infamous GAME of Gladiators. The ETRUSCAN engineers thought the early Romans on channeling and distribution system of the water resources and underground sewage drainage systems, The ETRUSCAN laid down the public square building in the late 700 bc for the Romans. The Romans owe everything to this great civilization who open heartedly shared their knowledge with some unknown underdeveloped primitive civilization with the open mind. But the Romans one day turned on them crushed their civilizations. They wiped their trail from the history of mankind to become the greatest superior civilization of the west later on. No more evidence of their great literature and their trails cannot be found. Once the greatest civilization completely destroyed due to their kindness and humanity and tendency to share their knowledge with others to need them.

But the Roman empire stretched further in the history books as an advanced civilization of the world. What baffled me the most is the similarities of the ETRUSCAN and Hindu civilization of ancient time and the direct similarities of the western and Mughal colonization of India.Indian civilization had different kingdoms but with 100% Hinduism from the begin of the civilization.Yet Jews and other people came to India as refugees to escape butcher in the name of religion , cult, belief systems, and colonization.

Indian kings allowed Islamic traders to have their Mosque and Christians traders who ever allowed to build their Church and live in peace.India’s first church and mosque can be found in the Southern state of Kerala at the time there was no one to question these kings. But this acceptance for others belief is deep routed in Hindu culture and civilization. India shared its Vedic and pre Vedic knowledge with all its neighbors and once dominated entire land mass from west to east. Indian civilization pre dates any pre historic civilization our modern scientist can conclude and the oldest continue civilization. Now we know what happened to Indian civilization and how their own technologies were used by invaders to invade Indian sub continents and enslave Hindus. First by Islamic invaders who had trade with India for rich knowledge in science, recourses etc even before Islam was formed. And Brits and Europeans did the same.

How similar this most recent history of India and ancient history of ETRUSCAN ? In Part 2 we will explore another Exclusive topic on how Hindu Civilisation and Hindu culture significantly aided today’s modern world

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