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Nikola Tesla’s interview-Light is everything


JOURNALIST: Mr Tesla, you have won the glory of the man who has been involved in cosmic processes. Who are you, Mr Tesla?
TESLA: It’s a very interesting question, Mr Smith, and I will try to give him the right answer.

JOURNALIST: It is said that you are from Croatia, in the area called Lika, where, together with the world, the trees, stones and the sky are growing. It is said that your native village is named after mountain flowers, and the house where you were born is found near the forest and near the church.
TESLA: Indeed, all of this is real. I am proud of my Serbian origin and my Croatian homeland.

JOURNALIST: Futurists say the twentieth century and the twenty-first century were born in Nikola Tesla’s head. Celebrates the reversed magnetic field and sings hymns to the induction motor. Their creator was called “the hunter who caught the light in his networks in the depths of the earth” and “the warrior who captured the fire of heaven.” It is said to be the father of alternating current, which will cause physical and chemical dominate half the world. The industry will proclaim him as his supreme saint, a banker for the greatest benefactors. In Nikola Tesla’s laboratory, for the first time, an atom was broken. A weapon has been created that produces seismic vibrations. There were black cosmic rays. Five breeds will pray in the temple of the future because it has shown them a great secret: that the elements of Empedocle can be watered with the forces of ether life.
TESLA: Yes, these are some of my most important discoveries. Even so, I’m a defeated man. I have not touched the most important of my goals.


JOURNALIST: What is this wish, Mr Tesla?
TESLA: I want to enlighten the whole Earth. There is enough electricity to create a second sun. The light would appear around the Equator, like a ring around Saturn. Mankind is not ready for something so great. In Colorado Springs I impregnated the earth with electricity. We can also irritate the other energies, such as the positive mental, which is found in Bach’s or Mozart’s music, or in the lyrics of the great poets, there is an energy of joy, peace and love in the Earth that expresses, for example, through a flower growing on the earth, the food that comes out of it and all that is the home of man. I spent years looking for the way this energy could influence the world. The beauty and aroma of roses can be used as a cure and the sun’s rays as food. Life is an infinite number of forms, and the duty of scientists is to find them in all forms of matter. Three things are essential in this respect. All I do is look for them. I know I will not find them, but even so, I will not give up on them.

JOURNALIST: What are these things?
TESLA: A problem is food, what stellar or terrestrial energy can feed the hungry on Earth? What wine can all the thirst soothe, so that people can enliven their hearts and understand that they are gods? Another thing is to destroy the power of evil and suffering in which man’s life passes! Sometimes it occurs as a kind of epidemic in the depths of space. In these centuries the disease has spread from Earth to the Universe. The third is: is there an excess of light in the Universe? We have discovered a star that, in accordance with astronomical and mathematical laws, could disappear, and even so nothing would change. That star is in a galaxy. The light can be emitted with such a density that it would fit into a sphere smaller than an apple and at the same time heavier than our Solar System. Religions and philosophies show that man can become Christ, Buddha and Zarathustra. What I’m trying to prove is revolutionary and almost incredible. It is what needs to be done in the Universe for every being to be born like Christ, Buddha or Zarathustra. I know that gravity is against everything that wants to fly, and my intention is not to make flying devices (planes or missiles), but to teach the individual to recover the consciousness of his own wings …besides, I try to wake up the energy contained in the air. There are main sources of energy. What is considered as an empty space is only a manifestation of matter that is not awakened. There is no empty space on this planet and the Universe … The black holes, which astronomers talk about, are the most powerful springs of energy and life.

JOURNALIST: At the window of your room at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, on the thirty-third floor, every morning the birds come.
TESLA: A man must be sensitive to birds. This is due to its wings. The human being once had them visible!

JOURNALIST: Have you ever been married? It is not known whether you have an affection for love, or for any woman. The pictures of your youth show that you were an attractive man.
TESLA: Yeah, I did not. There are two points of view: either too much affection or not at all. The intermediate point serves to rejuvenate the human race. Women, for some men, nourish and strengthen their vitality and spirit. Being alone has the same effect for other people. I chose this second road.

JOURNALIST: Your admirers complain that you attack relativity. It is strange your claim that matter has no energy. Everything is flooded with energy, where is it?
TESLA: First was the energy and then the matter.

JOURNALIST: In the hostility of Theory of Relativity you go so far as to make conferences against her creator during your birthday parties …
TESLA: Remember, space is not bending, but the human mind, who can not understand infinity and eternity! If relativity was clearly understood by his creator, he would gain even physical immortality if it would please him. I am part of a light, and this is music. The light fills my six senses: I see, hear, feel, smell, touch and think. Thinking about her is my sixth sense. Light particles are written notes. A radius can be a whole sonata. A thousand lightning globes are a concert. For this concert, we created a lightning globe that can be heard on the frozen hills of Himalayas. Regarding Pythagoras and mathematicians, a scientist can not and must not break these two things. Numbers and equations are signs that mark music and spheres. If Einstein had listened to these sounds, he would not have created the Theory of Relativity. These sounds are messages to the mind that life has a meaning, that the universe exists in perfect harmony, and that its beauty is the cause and effect of Creation. This music is the eternal cycle of stellar paradises. The beatings of the human heart are part of the Earth’s symphony. Newton learned that the secret lies in the geometric disposition and the movement of the celestial bodies, admitted that the supreme law of harmony exists in the Universe. Bloody space is chaos, chaos is not music. Einstein is the messenger of the epoch of noise and anger.

JOURNALIST: You have often mentioned the power of visualization.
TESLA: I would be pleased with the view of everything I invented. The incidents of my life and inventions are real in front of my eyes, like any phenomenon or element. In my youth, I was afraid of not knowing what it is, but later I learned to use this power as an exceptional talent and a gift. We fed him and protected him with jealousy. I also made corrections through visualization, to most of my inventions and finish them in this way. Through mental visualization, we have solved complex mathematical equations. Because of this gift I have, I will receive the High Lama distinction in Tibet. My vision and my hearing are perfect and, I dare say, stronger than the others. I hear thunder at 150 kilometres away and see colours in the sky that others can not see. This view and the extended hearing I have since I was a child. Later I developed them consciously.

JOURNALIST: What is the seventh covenant, Mr Tesla?
TESLA: Knowing the transformation of mental and vital energy into what we want and gaining control over all feelings. Hindus call it Kundalini-Yoga. This knowledge can be learned, which takes many years, or it can also be acquired at birth. Most of them have been born since birth. Most of them have been born since birth. It is in the closest connection to sexual energy, which is one of the most widespread in the universe. The woman is the greatest thief of this energy and, consequently, of the spiritual power. I always knew that and that’s why I was vigilant. By myself, I created what I wanted: a reflexive and spiritual machine.

JOURNALIST: I ask you a question that could have been asked at the beginning of this discussion: what was your electricity for you, dear Mr Tesla?
TESLA: Everything is electricity. At first, it was the light, the endless source from which the material originates, and is distributed to all forms that represent the Universe and the Earth, with all its aspects of life. Black is the true face of Light, but we do not see it. It is remarkable thanks to man and other creatures. Each of its particles possesses light, heat, nuclear power, radiation, chemistry, mechanics, and still unidentified energy. It has the power to create the Earth with its orbit. It is Archimedes’ authentic lever.

JOURNALIST: Mr Tesla, you are too absorbed by electricity.
TESLA: Its electricity. Or if you prefer, it is the light in human form. And you are electricity, Mr Smith, but you do not realize it.




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