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Lakulisha : An Important Chapter of Bhartiya History


#Lakulisha : An Important Chapter of Bhartiya History
Vyaas Rshi is one of the center point of bhartiya civilization and especially for the history. There are conflicting claims floating on internet regarding the birth of the great Rshi Vyas. Kurma Puran, Ling Puran and few others gives 28 birth of Vyaas in seventh Manavantar and similarly 28 birth of Rudra as Rshi. As per Ling Puran, every chaturyuga has 4 Shisyas of both Vyaas and Rudra born in start and end of #Dwapar respectively. Vyaas and his four shisyas work was to propagate and teach four vedas and Rudra avataar and his shishyas work was to keep balance of earth/shrishti by teaching of Pashupat dharm. The influence of Pashupat Dharm can be seen in world’s oldest #Sindhu Civilization’s seal which was #Pashupati. The influence could also be seen in Rongorongo by comparing similarities between the Indus and Rapa Nui writing…

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