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The Great Hindu civilization of the Minoans !!! 5000 years ago

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The Great Hindu civilization of the Minoans !!!

5000 years ago The Great civilization of the Minoans flourished on the Island of CRETE. Centuries before the Greeks built the Parthenon the Minoans artists recorded their achievements with exquisite carvings and beautiful frescos. The Minoans were the first Europeans to use the writings even before Greeks had its state. But then at the height of their power they were wiped from the pages of history. Their disappearance still once of the worlds ancient mysteries. We will unravel the history. In our previous post we explained and proved how Romans came to power. How Greek conquered the Ancient Hindu Empire of Rome. But today we will explore how the Greeks became so prosperous and learnt their exclusive knowledge of science, technology and astrology. This is sad history of our ancient Hindu ancestors perished from the history western civilization .

More than 2000 year ago The Greek historian wrote about Atlantis. The fabled civilization that was swallowed by the sea. But the orgins of Plato’s story never been identified. It is only recently some archaeologists have begun to believe The Legend may have started here on CRETE. They are hoping to get actual link of that of Plato’s folk memories. We will see what happened to the Minoans in final part of this article. But first who were these Minoans? Where they came from?

As per the Greeks Minoans are those who worship monsters like Bulls , sacrifices animals and eat human flesh . As usual now we know Greeks played their Demon card on yet another oldest and most advanced Hindu Civilisation.Only differences is that Minoans were the first to get wiped out from our Ancient Human history. But the truth is far from over.
The Minoan civilization was an Aegean Bronze Age civilization that arose on the island of Crete and other Aegean islands and flourished from approximately 3650 to 1400 BCE. It belongs to a period of Greek history preceding both the Mycenaean civilization and Ancient Greece. It was rediscovered at the beginning of the 20th century through the work of British archaeologist Arthur Evans. Historian Will Durant dubbed the Minoans “the first link in the European chain, “and their civilization has been referred to as the earliest of its kind in Europe.

The term “Minoan” refers to the mythic King Minos, and was originally given as a description to the pottery of this period. Minos was associated in Greek myth with the labyrinth and the Minotaur, which Evans identified the site at Knossos, the largest Minoan site. The poet Homer recorded a tradition that Crete once had 90 cities. As traders and artists, their cultural influence reached far beyond the island of Crete—throughout the Cyclades, to Egypt’s Old Kingdom, to copper-bearing Cyprus, Canaan and the Levantine coasts beyond, and to Anatolia. CRETE is an isolated Island far away from Greek mainland .Refer Map provided in display picture first to understand how isolated this island was. It’s really strange that before 4500 years the inhabitant could be Europeans. That’s some 4500 years ago and we know no western civilization was flourishing at that time. But the answer can be found in the east. A magnificent Hindu empire with flourishing continues cultured civilization started before 24,000 – 12000 years ago. The new findings too suggest the inheritance of this island were not Europeans but people resembling southern parts of India and Ancient Iran known as Persian empire.

Strong Ancient Indian Language bonds :
The Minoan language and writing system (Linear A) remain undeciphered and a matter of academic dispute, but seemingly convey a language entirely different from the Greek dialects in later periods. Clay tablets dating to around 3000 BCE were found with the various Cretan scripts. Clay tablets seem to have been in use from around 3000 BCE or earlier. Two clay cups from Knossos have been found to have remnants of ink, and inkwells similar to the animal-shaped inkstands from Mesopotamia have also been found. In the Mycenaean period, Linear A was replaced by Linear B, recording a very archaic version of the Greek language. Linear B was successfully deciphered by Michael Ventris in 1952, but the earlier scripts remain a mystery. The overwhelming majority of tablets are written in the Linear B script, apparently being inventories of goods or resources. Others are inscriptions on religious objects associated with a cult. Because most of these inscriptions are concise economic records rather than dedicatory inscriptions, the translation of Minoan remains a challenge. This was after the invasion and pre 1400 BC times when Greek and other costal Mediterranean landmass was colonised or made as slave states(Client State for Slaves and resources)

The Minoan CIVILISASIONS WEre devotees of Lord Shiva and followers of NAGA / Surphants / Snakes. And Bull worships and rituals for bulls were carried out . In Hinduism bull in the name of NANDI can be found in every single Shiva temple till date. NAGA,NAGIN,SARPA,PANNAGA,PANNAGI BHAGVAT and BHOGIN are several words for snakes in Sanskrit.Linguistically, The latin word serpentine or serpent is consistent with the Sarpa of Sanskrit. Snake worship can be decoded all over the Ancient Hindu civilization like Sumerian also. Sumerians Prayed Naga Goddess as ANU-Naki.

The NAGA tribe who prayed Snake goddess in ancient India are the travellers and conquers of new land who are basically sailors and miners of Ancient times. From the times of Mahabharata.Those times these NAGA tribes ruled North west of Indian kingdom with their capital at TAKSHILA and PATALPURI near present KARACHI of Pakistan and Hyderabad in Sindh . Even Today the same rituals followed by people of MI neon civilization are performed in India by Shiva devotees known as NAGA SADHUs. Which are evident with recent research and archaeological evidence unearth from CRETE island.

The Minoan cities were connected with stone-paved roads, formed from blocks cut with bronze saws. Streets were drained and water and sewer facilities were available to the upper class, through clay pipes. And they built a temple for Shiva and Bull but the statue was found missing. Their cities were well planned and has similarities of Ancient Indian cities. They martial and knowledge are very similar.

In Southern Indian State of Tamil Nadu, bull fight are very common. Very ancient game called JALLI KATTU . Where young men try to control massive bulls with huge horns. The same game was flourishing in Mineon social life .

END of Ancient Hindu Civilisation of Europe:
The Mineon almost ruled entire region with client status. The time when Greeks as one small settlement .Who used to supply slaves and resources etc . That’s the reason later Greeks portrayed ancient Hindu rulers of Europe as evil or barbarians . In fact far ,more sophisticated civilisation than them. These people of Mineon traded with most of the coastal cities of ancient times , Their works inspired Egyptians so much that these finest craftsmen and architect played huge role in maturing Egyptian civilisation . Technologies , ideologies and the cultural influence can be found in ancient Egyptians scriptures . But this glorious civilisation of Hindus came to an brutal end . Wrath of nature brought this great civilisation to its knees.

The Mineons built their cities on one of the most dangerous island in the world. Around 1600BC Akroteri was shaken by an violent earth quake. Sometimes later the eruption occurred. The huge volcano blasted gas, ash and rocks 25 miles into the stratosphere. Evidence can be found all-around SANTORINI . Small islan chain of CRETE. Some of the deposits are more than 100 feet deep . The Mineons strangest naval power in the ancient world had met with worst disaster after end if ICE AGE. This volcanic blast created TSUNAMI. Multiple Tsunami waves strikes this great civilisation down to debris . Effect of this waves are such that its multiple times the tsunami we saw which killed more than 230,000 people. Sea shells and sea organic, materials can be found in their mountain tops . The great hind civilisation washed out completely in a single day.  The initial wave was huge but the more disturbing was the simulation shows followed by others . When The Caldera collapsed it pushed several wall of water into the sea. Like pebble dropping into a pond. The water ricocheted around the Aegean island and a deadly game of tsunami pinball. As volcanic ash darkened the skies for several days suffocating our ancestors the Mineons hit by waves after waves. In an interval of 40 mins (approx.) second wave approached with brutal force. Then another wave about 30 mins later not big like previous 2 but terrifying cause at this time people were washed away , ships were thrown into the cities and some people who survived looking for their loved ,may people were helping the wounded where hit by last wave and sort of finishes the job. Horrifying .It’s absolutely horrifying.
As humble Hindu who respect and share close connection with my ancestors its very emotional because know we know the effect of tsunami how many people could died . It’s like we spent lot of time looking for something and when we found it I wish I hadn’t.
Last some 200 years of Ancient Hindus of CRETE : Some evidence shows proof of human eating humans and dead bodies in aftermath . Worst is not over yet. After The Mineons lost their glory became defence less for the next 100 years . The newly found freedom and advanced knowledge to the Greeks invaded and burnt every household after looting . Their invasion finally concluded by 1400 BC every single records and their great literatures, scriptures were destroyed. This was the beginning of Greek dominance in the region . After 500-700 years Greek sailors confronted with another great civilisation. Much more advanced than they had ever seen in ROME.

From ancient India UFO.

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