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Battle of Dewar-After Haldighati-Maharana Pratap

Many people do not know or just have false knowledge that Maharana Pratap was defeated in Haldighati. Maharana Pratap was not killed or captured or accepted defeat after Haldighati but it was rivalry between anti Hindu Akbar and Maharana Pratap that started with war in Haldighati, which continued in Dewar. It is same falsehood story world and Indians were taught like the one of Sikandar and Porus war where it was told that Sikandar won, and we just accepted. Infact Sikandar not only lost war but was killed and died soon after losing war with Porus of India. Arya and Dravidians was another fabricated story that British lied and after 500 years it is now corrected that there was no Aryan and Dravidian but whole population was same. British thoughts still survive in communist heart in India and stupid Indians still sold for lies and vote communist and congress party. So it is what Britishers intended to do and largely succeeded as India is now divided in caste and North and South.

That introduction was necessary for explaining how Indian History was written by Europeans and Indians still trust them more than real history. The same Europeans were alcoholic and druggie , naked and living lime animals in sex etc while Indians had advanced culture long time before and were wearing cotton and fabric clothings. It is unfortunate as India lost from Indians not from enemies for greed and it is still going on.

Let us talk about main topic- Before we go directly to main story, we need little past.
In 1568, Akbar led the campaign against Chittorgarh, which was the capital of Udai Singh II, father of Maharana Pratap. The defeat of Rajputs led to third and last Jauhar of Chittorgarh in which hundreds of women self-immolated themselves in order to save their honour from Mughals .

Udai Singh-II who, by then, had founded Udaipur (1559) clandestinely escaped the Chittor fort and established the capital of Mewar in Udaipur. This was where Maharana was a King after Udai Singh died.

Almost all Rajputana bowed before Akbar, but Maharana

Pratap grew in Udaipur along with his brother Shakti Singh, Jagmal and Sagar Singh. The battle to throne further spoiled the relationship between Pratap and his brothers. In fact queen of Udai Singh, Dheer Bai wanted her son, Jagmal to succeed Udai Singh, but senior courtiers wanted the eldest son Pratap to be the king and at last he became the king in 1572.

Out of jealousy, Pratap’s brother Shakti Singh and Jagmal served Akbar. Other citadels of Rajputana like Amer led by Man Singh-I, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner all accepted Akbar’s hegemony, but Pratap wasn’t ready to accept Akbar as his ruler.

Akbar asked repeatedly, but Pratap didn’t budge

Before the battle of Haldigati in 1576, Mughal emperor sent a total of six diplomatic missions to Pratap, seeking to negotiate the same sort of peaceful alliance that he had concluded with the other Rajput chiefs.

But Pratap didn’t budge, which makes him, perhaps the greatest Rajput King after Prithviraj Chauhan for not surrendering before Akbar and accept his friendship which to him was an insult. The fifth diplomatic mission was led by Bhagwan Das, whom Maharana regarded a lot. This time Pratap agreed and accept the robe of friendship sent by Akbar and in return sent his son Amar Singh who later became his heir to meet Akbar in Agra fort.

Akbar took it an insult as Maharana didn’t come in person to meet the Mughal emperor. This disagreement made war between Mewar and Mughal Empire inevitable.

Battle of Haldighati https://www.shankhnad.org/2019/01/battle-of-haldighati-and-aftermath.html

On June 18, 1576, Maharana’s Rajput army took on the Mughals in the barren of Haldigati in south of Mewar. Mughals were led by Amer crown prince, Man Singh. Maharana’s forces were reportedly half in size to that of Mughals, but the rough terrain which Rajputs were habitual of and Mughal’s failure to bring their infamous artillery to battlefields gave Rajputs a real chance.
Apart from Maharana, the Rajput army was led by Gwalior’s Ram Shah Tanwar, Rawat Krishnadasji Chundawat, Maan Singhji Jhala and Chandrasenji Rathore of Marwar, Jodhpur. Pratap’s army also had one afghan general Hakim Khan Sur, who was one of the close confidantes of Rana.

Since the terrain was mountainous, the lower number of Rajputs didn’t hurt them and Rajput army had an early advantage in the battle which lasted for four hours. The legends say that Maharana had almost killed Man Singh despite Man Singh being on the elephant. Man Singh was wounded and was retreating, but the law of averages evened the honours because of the difference of soldiers between two armies, Mughals started to dominate.

Seeing Mughals dominating, Hakim Khan asked Maharana to leave the field because he didn’t want Mughals to catch Maharana. Maharana left the place with his horse chetak wounded by the Mughal attack but saving his master’s life. Hakim Khan Sur fought valiantly and died.

The battle ended in a stalemate in a defeat of Rajputs. But most historians take the battle as a stalemate as Maharana was still alive and it didn’t end Mewar’s struggle for resurrection.

After Haldigati, Maharana never went back to places

Following Haldigati battle, Maharana retired into jungles in southern Mewar and from there he returned to Kumbalgarh fort and continued his struggle. Maharana later had many big and small success like winning battles of Dewar,  and Goganda. Dewair in particular was Maharana’s greatest success against Mughals in 1582 in which Rajput army defeated the Mughals.

Battle of Dewar

Maharana Pratap defeated Akbars mughal army and regained the mewar territories lost, except Chittor. Have you ever read that what happened in Mewar in the next 10 years after Haldighati .. The pages that have been removed from history will have to compile them back as they are the symbols of Hindu revivalism and bravery. Even in history, it has not been taught that when Maharana Pratap attacked Kurna Mansingh’s elephant in the Battle of Haldighati, the royal army ran away from five to six kos and with the rumor of Akbar’s arrival, he was again involved in the war. This verse is recorded in Abul Fazl’s book, Akbarnama.

After the battle of the Haldi valley, only 7000 soldiers were left with the Maharana .. And in a short time the Mughals had authority over Kumbhalgarh, Gogunda, Udaipur and surrounding areas. In that situation, Maharana made a plan for “guerrilla warfare” and the Mughals never allowed settlement in Mewar. Distressed by the bravery of the Maharana, Akbar sent a one lakh lakhs of army each year from 1577 to 1582, after the Haldighati in 1576, to suppress them, which failed to bow to Maharana.

After the battle of Haldighati, the treasury of Maharana Pratap Bamashah and his brother Tarachand Malwa were presented with twenty five lakh rupees of punishment and two thousand ashfarias. After this incident, Maharana Pratap highly respected Bhamashah and planned to attack Diwear. By the amount of money Bhamashah gave to Maharana to serve the state, 25 thousand soldiers could be given the logistics for 12 years. What was it again..Maharanya again started to organize his army and in a short time a powerful army of 40000 fighters got ready.

After that, the second part of the battle of Haldighati, which has either been removed from history or either by a conspiracy or has been sidelined altogether. It has been called the Battle of Diver.

The matter was of 1582, it was Vijayadashmi’s day and Maharana, with his newly organized army, decided to free Mewar. After that divided the army into two halves, the war broke out. The command of one troop was in the hands of Maharana and the other was headed by his son Amar Singh. Colonel Todd also described Haldighati’s Thermopylae of Mewar in his book and Marathon of Rajasthan in the battle of Divar. These are the same events around which you have seen the movie 300. Colonel Todd has also described Maharana and his army with their bravery, sharpness and their pride towards the country as similar to the Spartans, which were hit by a 4-fold large army in the war land.

The battle of Divar was very horrific, the army of Maharana Pratap attacked the Divear police station under the leadership of Maharaja Kumar Amar Singh, thousands of them were given the number of Mughals, Rajputi Talwaro Barchho Bhalo and Kataros. In the war, Maharajkumar Amarsingh attacked Sultan Khan Mughal who came out cutting sultan khan and his horse. In the same battle, another Rajput sword took an elephant and cut off his leg. Maharana Pratap attacked the shepherd’s Mughal head and cut it with the sword, including the horse. These hallucinations of bravery do not get anywhere in history. After this the saying goes that the rider in Mewar is cut in the same war with a horse. These incidents were very much to frighten the Mughals. The remaining 36,000 Mughal soldiers surrendered before Maharana. The battle of Divar broke the morale of the Mughals in this way, as a result of which all Mughals were made in Mewar, all 36 stations.

After the Battle of Divar, Pratap captured important places like Gogunda, Kumbhalgarh, Bassi, Chawand, Jawar, Madariya, Mohi, Muddalgarh. Even after this, Maharana and his army continued their operations and restored all the hideouts / fortifications of Mewad of Chittaur Kochod only.

After reopening most of Mewar, Maharana Pratap ordered that if a bishwa farmer cultivates the land, he would be given a tax, his head would be cut off. After this, logistics was organized from Ajmer with full security at the royal bases left in Mewar and nearby areas.

The battle of Divar is not only Maharana Pratap but also very decisive in the history of Mughloh. False Rajputo filled the fear of the Mughalos who ruled the entire Indian subcontinent. The Battle of Divar not only put an end to the series of Akbar’s victory in Mewar, but in the Mughlaw communicated such fear that in the time of Akbar, large invasions on Mewar were almost stopped.

Angry by this incident, Akbar continued to send Mewar under the leadership of different generals, but he did not get any success every year. Akbar himself was camping near Mewar for the purpose of climbing for six months in Mewar, but he was afraid to give Baholol Khan a half-rupture including his horse, that he did not come directly to climb Mewar.

These are the pages of history which the court historians have deliberately vanished from the course. Those who are now trying to get back.

End of the struggle

Amar Singh accepted to join Jahangir in 1616, conditionally, and declared that even after joining Mughal side, no Mewar representative will be present at the royal mughal court in Agra.Akbar knew the importance of an ally like Amar Singh and agreed to all the condions put up by Mewar. This was the end of Mewar’s struggle with the Mughals.

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