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Ram – birthplace in Ayodhya- facts of temple

Ram Janmabhoomi temple evidence

Father Joseph Tieffenthaler was an Austrian Jesuit Father (1710-1785) traveled to india in the 1740 and stayed in India till his death,adding to his missionary activities a detail geographical study of the country. His description indiae ,( Historiue Et Geographicue -DE l ‘) written in Latin , was translated into french , and incorporated in three – volume series on India’s geography and history published in French from berlin in 1786.

According to this account, Aurangzeb (r. 1658 -1707) had demolished the Ramkot fortress, including the house that was considered as the birthplace of Rama by Hindus. A mosque with three domes was constructed in its place. However, he also noted, “others say that it was constructed by ‘Babar’ [Babur]”. The Hindus continued to offer prayers at a mud platform that marked the birthplace of Rama. Tiefenthaler was well-versed in Persian and Sanskrit, having written a Sanskrit Persian dictionary, and other works in Persian. Evidently he did not find an inscription on the walls of the mosque stating that it was constructed under Babur’s orders. He “emphatically attributed it to Aurangzeb, and Babur’s name is carried by a few persons”, states writer Kishore Kunal.

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