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Bappa Rawal- Rawalpindi and Mewar Kingdom


#BappaRawal was one of the most deadly figure during 8th century for enemies/invaders of India. His image is deadlier than shamanist Chengis Khan in front of invaders. The achievements of Bappa Rawal went under many layers as it didn’t fit with the leftist historian of our country. The invasion had reached India’s part of Sindh during 7th century itself when Raja Dahir, the last hindu king was killed and his daughters (Pramela and Surya devi) were taken captive by Qasim during 712 war and were sent as war booty to the caliphate. Later, the intelligent brave duo tricked caliphate that they were already abused by Qasim before sending which led the death of Qasim and later both girls too were put in the walls alive, when there trick was revealed. This was also the time when richest Multan Surya temple was also taken captive.

So, when the invasion of India already started in 7th century than what led islamic invaders to halt their proceedings till 10th century. The answer is proud name of BAPPA RAWAL.

The real name of Bappa was Kaal Bhoj and he used to love India very much and was a great patriot. He was the person who established the place Rawalpindi, as checkpoint towards any possible invasion. He slaughtered the mleechas till middle east and drove all of them back to middle east.

Arab mlecchas after winning #Sindh, got control of parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat by 725. That was the time when they advanced towards Mewad, and Bappa Rawal (the son of Naagditya) took control to fight against Arabs. Till 735, he took back Chittor and other parts and joined it with Mewad. He kept droving the mlecchas army and capturing back all other places.

#Rawalpindi was the place where Bappas army was strategically placed. He together with other kings, drove the invaders out of Gandhar region. He continuously fought for 16 years against the arab invaders and broke them completely, left right centre. The efforts kept invaders away from mainstream India for almost three centuries.

Such great glorious warrior is lost from our today’s history. Let the world know about him.

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