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According to Puranas, each kalpa consists of fourteen Manvantaras, and each Manvantara is headed by a different Manu (the first Man of every cycle). The current universe, is asserted to be ruled by the 7th Manu named Vaivasvata. In Vishnu Purana, Vaivasvata, also known as Sraddhadeva or Satyavrata, was the king of Dravida before the great flood. He was warned of the flood by the Matsya (fish) avatar of Vishnu, and built a boat that carried the Vedas, Manu’s family and the seven sages to safety, helped by Matsya.  Total age of universe is 311.04 trillion years (human years). Current age is around 155.521972944 trillion years. How it is calculated: -> There are 4 ages on earth which keeps circulating: Satya Yuga – 1.728 million years Treta Yuga – 1.296 million years Dwapara Yuga – 0.864 million years Kali Yuga – 0.432 million years Total: 4.32 million human years. -> This yuga cycle is called maha (in english, it means great/big) or divya (divine) yuga. One thousand such cycles forms one day of Brahma. So one day of Brahma is 4.32 million * 1000 = 4.32 billion human years. Each such day of Brahma is called a “kalpa”. His night also constitutes 4.32 billion human years. During his day, life exists in universe. In nighttime, no form of life exists. So one complete day and night has 8.64 billion human years. -> Age of Brahma is 100 years. Each year of Brahma has 360 days and same number of nights. Thus, total age of Brahma is 360 * 100 * 8.64 billion = 311,040 billion human years. i.e. 311.04 trillion years. This period is called “maha kalpa”. -> The life span of the universe is one “maha kalpa”. i.e. 311.04 trillion human years. This time span is also the duration of one breath of “Vishnu”. When he exhales, thousands of universes emerges and one “Brahma” is born in each universe. When “Vishnu” inhales, all universes get sucked and Brahma dies. -> This cycle is non-ending and eternal. Thats why “Vishnu” is considered eternal in Vedic Science (or religion). How much old is our universe: -> Note that the period of Satya Yuga is 0.4x, Treta Yuga is 0.3x, Dwapara Yuga is 0.2x and Kali Yuga is 0.1x where x is the time-span of one maha-yuga cycle. I will use ‘x’ as 1 maha-yuga cycle subsequently. -> In 1 day of Brahma, there are 14 “manvantara” (Manu Avatar). Each “manvantara” is divided into 71 “maha-yuga” cycles. So total make 14*71 = 994x (mahayuga cycles). -> Remaining cycles (1 day of Brahma contains 1000 maha-yuga cycles) are used to fill gaps between manvantara. Before and after each manvantara (called as “sandhya” and “sandhyamsa” respectively), there is a junction of 1.728 million (age of Satya Yuga, or 0.4x) human years. Total number of junctions are 15 (since there are 14 manvantaras). So total gap period is = 0.4 * 15 = 6x. Hence total makes 1000 maha-yuga cycles or 1 brahma day. -> According to the Vedic texts, current age of Brahma is 50 Brahma years and 1 brahma day (we are in the 1st day of 2nd half of brahma)and we are in the seventh “manvantara”, in the 28th turnover of its 71 yuga cycles. In this cycle, we are in the start Kali Yuga. Age of kali yuga is not known perfectly but it is around 5000-10000 years. For calculation, lets assume 8000 human years. -> So current age of our universe (in terms of maha-yuga cycles) = (50 * 720 * 1000) — 50 years * (360 days + 360 nights) * total no. of cycles in one day/night + (6 * 71) — 6 manvantara each of 71 maha-yuga cycle + (7 * 0.4) — 7 junctions or gaps for 6 manvantara + (27 * 1) — we are in 28th cycle of 71 + (0.4+0.3+0.2) — In this cycle, we are in Kali Yuga. Satya Yuga, Treat Yuga and Dwapara yuga are 0.4x, 0.3x and 0.2x respectively. + around 8000 human years — very small, so ignoring it. Thus total age = (36,000,000 + 456.7)x = 36,000,456.7 * 4.32 million = 155,521,972.944 million years = 155.521972944 trillion human years. Now add the age of kaliyuga. i.e. around 8000 human years. One we calculate the exact age of kaliyuga, we can know the exact age of universe.

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Sacred site on Mt. Kulen. The riverbed’s 11th- and 12th-century carvings include lingas and depictions of various Hindu deities, such as Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva (even Shiva and Uma on the back of his bull, Nandi). It was created during King Mahendra regime.

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