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Cosmic disclosure and Ancient energy machine of India-Decoded by Praveen

770-Year-Old Arc Reactor Found in Indian Temple?

Hey guys, today I am going to show you some solid evidence of an ancient arc reactor that existed 800 years ago. I know some of you will think this is an absurd claim, but I challenge you to watch till the end of this video and then prove me wrong. Here we can see this insane carving on the ceiling of an ancient temple. At first view, it is quite shocking to see such an advanced design at such large scale, it is not a flower or a leaf or something that is available in nature. It is clearly a technical device. archeologists estimate that this temple was built around 1250 A.D, so it was built approximately 800 years ago, although it could be much older. You cannot help but think that this could be a rotating mechanism like a jet engine propeller we see on airplanes. From the center, you can see the protruding knob. It is clearly a knob and it is exactly how jet propellers look. But this design is actually much more complex than a modern-day propeller. Now you can see an electrician has put a light bulb in the center. This is done recently, but look, how the wire is routed inside the carving, not in just one place but in multiple places. This means the entire thing is hollow, this is a complex 3D model of an advanced machine. I am not going into go into too much details about this because this video is not a technical presentation, but there are 5 concentric circles, and there seem to be some parts radiating from the center. Each of these studs could be a coil, which is basically the same design as a modern-day arc reactor. Most of you will agree that, yes this is a fantastic design and yes, it does remind you of Iron Man’s arc reactor. But do I have any actual evidence that this was some sort of an energy device? This is just some fancy pattern ancient sculptors carved to impress us, it may not be a machine at all, right? I asked myself the same question, but this is what I found in the temple walls. Here you can see the same device, you can see the circular part of the device, but it is attached to a thick cable, looks remarkably similar to a modern day multi track cable. And you can see how it is connected to the right, using these 2 attachments. And here is this guy holding a huge cylinder in his arms. The end of this cylinder is also attached to the right. But this doesn’t make much sense, what is the connection between this cylinder and the arc reactor? Let us go on the other side and see what is happening. On the other side, you can see the story of churning of the sea of milk. According to ancient texts, Demons and Gods churned the sea using a snake as a rope, and a mountain as a churning rod. But this carving shows some very strange details, first the churning rod is not a mountain, it is a pillar that has a smooth cylindrical middle part, and at the top and bottom of this pillar are square shaped. But here is the weird part. The exact same pillars are found in the same temple, look at this pillar, it has a square shape at the top and has a square shaped bottom, and has a smooth cylindrical middle part. And you see this central part, archeologists confirm that these are turn marks created by a rotating lathe machine, but may be the ancient builders are showing us how these marks were actually created, how they turned, or shall I say churned the pillar itself into this shape. But what is right on top of the large-scale pillar, the large-scale arc reactor. Is it a coincidence that they put a large-scale arc reactor right next to this giant pillar?

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