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Human body- introspection

History_culture and something to know
Learn about the human body

1 Punch Mahabhut: Earth, water, wind, light, sky; Five enlightenments: – Eye, ear, nose, tongue, skin, five karmendriya: – Hand, leg, anal, gender, speech, five tanmatra: word touch, form, juice smell; four conscience mind, mind, mind, ego and soul- thus body 25 elements Made up of.

2 Meet, urine, calf, semen, hunger, thirst, laughter, crying, sleep, vomiting, cough, sneezing, gardening- these are the 13 (thirteen) natural dishes of the body.

૩. Eye-2, nose-2, ear-2, mouth, sex and anal- total of 3 (nine) gates is this body city.

૪. Aadhi (mental pain): Disease (physical pain) Healing (divine pain) These are the main three sorrows of the body.

૫. There is a population of seven and a half billion in the whole world, but the thumb mark of all of you does not get the same with anyone.

૬. The body processes to exhale 21,500 in a day.

૭. Supplementing the action of breathing in the body, the action of stopping the breath is called aquarium and the compound process of exhaling is called rechak.

૮. In the scriptures, work (lust), anger (anger) greed (greed), attraction, alcohol (ego-arrogance) and jealousy (envy-invisible) these six are called enemies of the body. Which everyone has to give up.

૯. Truth, nonviolence, kindness, penance, inevitability and apocalypse are called the best friends of this human body in the scriptures which everyone has to practice.

  1. In the view of Shrimad Bhagwadgita, Satva, Raj and Tam- no body is excluded from these three qualities.
  2. Ida, Pingla and Sushumna – these are the three main pulses of the body.
  3. This body talk, bile and cuff-m are three types of nature.
  4. There are four men of the body: religion, meaning, work and salvation.
  5. Awakened, dream, dim and turiy – are the 3 (four) conditions of the body.
  6. Para, Pashyanti, Madhyama and Vaikhari – four types of speech are spoken from tongue.
  7. Four conditions of the body child, young, old and old.
  8. Panchkarma can purify this body, which includes vomit, radiation, colony, vein and bloodshed.
  9. Anal in the body has foundation; Swadhishthan near the anal, Manipur near the navel, Anahat near the heart, purity near the voice and six chakras are mentioned in Yoga Shastra to awaken Kundli.
  10. Our body can experience six types of flavors like sharp, crust, sour, salty, bitter, swallowed by the tongue.
  11. By chewing, licking, sucking and swallowing – these four types of food this body can do through mouth.
  12. According to the Gita, Lord Shri Krishna is present in every body in the form of the nature of glory, Lakshmi, speech, memory, patience, and forgiveness.
  13. In which eight parts of the body are activated and pranam is called Ashtanga Pranam. Such as: chest, head, vision, mind, promise, hands, legs and stretch.
  14. This body can experience makeup, sadness, laughter, sunshine, heroic, horrible, nasty, wonderful, calm- by various organs.
  15. The following dirt is removed from this body by different organs: mut, urine, sweat, dumb, cough, paru, chipda, ear dirt, knife on tongue, etc.
  16. For the welfare of the soul, this body is the best tool to attain God- by attaining Navadha Bhakti (listening, kirtan, remembrance, archana, vandan, dasatva, sakha, yadsevan and self statement)
    Description of body composition in scientific view:

1 Our two lungs have a total of four billion air cells.

2 There are two and a half crore breathing people found in both lungs.

૩. Total length of blood vessels of both lungs is 1500 – sixteen ki. Me. Happening.

૪. With one breath a man can fill 3 (four) liters of air in his lungs.

૫. Man’s heart beats 1,06,30 times in 24 hours.

૬. The heart of an adult man weighs 300 grams.

૭. The length of the heart is 15 c. Me; width is 82 s. Me and the thickness of the 4th. Me. It happens.

૮. Heart pumping can throw blood up to 30 (thirty) feet away.

૯. Write five liters in one minute 72000 litres in twenty four hours. The blood is pumping the heart.

  1. Ayurveda can diagnose 3 (Ayurveda) diseases only by checking the pulse.
  2. Heartbeats at night are 4 and 32 in day.
  3. There are one and a half lakh blood vessels from toe toe toe.
  4. If you arrange these blood vessels in a single line then the length is 40,000 K. Me. Happening.
  5. Total of an adult is : 7(seven) liters of blood.
  6. It takes only 20 (twenty) seconds for blood cells to circulate the whole body.
  7. We 2550s in a minute. Taking life 200 s. We are leaving like this.
  8. All blood cells of the body are arranged in a straight line length 300 db. This happens.
  9. Total : 20 (twenty) lakhs dedication units found in both kidneys are working.
  10. One kidney contains two and a half lakh to nine lakh tubes (Nephron).
  11. Both kidneys found purifies 1500 (fifteen hundred) liters of blood in one day.
  12. The length of the small intestine of the body is 25 (twenty five) feet.
  13. The length of the large intestine is 6(six) feet.
  14. From mouth to ankle food goes through a total of 63 (pantrice) foot of action.
  15. In the presence of a man, 5 (four) kg of food can be accommodated simultaneously.
  16. There are 310 bones in newborn baby and 204 bones in youth.
  17. There are a total of 25 bones in the two hands of a human being.
  18. The skull of a human head is connected to 22 bones.
  19. There are five crore prasved glands in the whole body for sweat removal.
  20. The total number of muscles in the body is 300 (seven hundred).
  21. One square foot skin has fifteen holes.

91 When a man speaks, 32 muscles are active simultaneously.

72 128 muscles are directly affected when a man is angry.

૩૩. The weight of a big brain is about one and a half kg.

૩૪. There are total hundred (100) billion cells found in small and big brains.

૩૫. There are 7000 (three thousand) taste glands on the tongue to test the taste.

૩૬. Taste on tongue is centralized 4 new in ten days.

૩૭. The eyes of a man
Blinks 15,500 times in 23(twenty-four) hours.

૩૮. Writing 15 breaths per minute, in 24 hours we take 21900 breaths.

૩૯. Five kg of garbage is removed from nine holes in 24 hours.

  1. Man needs 15(thirteen) cubic meters of pure air in a day.

91 Man changes his wings 3 (party) times in 3 (eight) hours of sleep.

72 Pineal, hypothelamus, pituary, thyroid, thayrod, adrenal, venus, ovarus are 3 glands.

૪૩. The body has 3 organs of two letters such as hands, legs, eye, ears etc.

૪૪. Eye-ear-nose 3 doors, mouth, sex, warehouse total 3 (nine) doors.

૪૫. Breathing- passion- digestion- rudhirabhishan- knowledge= five systems run the body.

૪૬. Eyelashes are new blooms every 5 (sixty) days.

૪૭. To analyze the light there are 30 (seventy) lakh receptors in the eyes.

૪૮. Eye cornea is the only organ of which none of them is blood vessels.

૪૯. Through eyes a man can identify more than 2000 (two thousand) colors.

  1. The inner cover of the hojri (pad) is made new every 10 (ten) days.

91 There are a total of 30,000 billion cells in the entire body of man.

72 The length of the whole body is 32 (seventy two) k. Me. What is happening.
૫૩. Our body has 2/3 parts of water.

૫૪. Normal body temperature ૯૮. ૪ is a fahrenheit.

૫૫. The body can bear the lowest minus – 20 and up to 5 degrees (cold-heat) temperature.

૫૬. The sound of our breath-breathing is 10(ten) decibals.

૫૭. Child needs 100, young man – 300, adult – 2000 and woman needs 1500 calories.

૫૮. Man can donate blood 1220 times in whole life (20 to 5 years)

૫૯. In 100 years of life, man spends 5 years sleeping.

  1. During life, man walks as long as he completes one journey of the earth.

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